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Sleeping in Cork Airport

by SoCold (February, 2016)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside
Pros: Empty, silent, safe
Cons: Not comfortable

This airport is good because is silent, the guards are easy going and educated. You can sleep in the couch of bar at second floor, but is not comfortable. You can charge your devices in a few places on the walls.

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by web-administrator (October, 2015)

Pros: -
Cons: -

(Guest Review) I spent last night at cork airport and it was quite a good night actually. First of all I asked for power points and they've got plenty if you just know where to look. And while I was charging my phone a very nice security guard told me to go upstairs to the cafe lounge if I wanted a comfortable sleeping place - which I did. There are sofas and they let you sleep there, even if guests and travellers start coming in at about 4 in the morning. All in all it was so much better than expected, and the staff is very nice and will help you with everything.

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comfort night in Cork, only little short

by komich (June, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Too cheap for a hotel room
Where: Landside
Pros: quiet, padded benches, dimmed lights overnight, free WiFi
Cons: early wakeup when first passengers arrived at 4 to 5 a.m.

I had a very good night in the airport of Cork in June 2013. I choose a comfortly padded bank in the food court in the first floor and wasnt disturbed there until the first new passengers arrived at 4 to 5 a.m. in the morning. It was also very quiet with hardly any announcement during the night. Even some lights went out after midnight. Also nobody woke me me when the food court opened I just got of my sleeping bag when already a lot of people were sitting and eating. The washing facilities nearby were very clean and so I even could brush my teeth and refill my water bottle. And for the best, free WiFi was provided and so I could browse the internet and check my Mails.

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Good airport

by bruna321 (July, 2012)

Where: Landside
Pros: Quiet, helpful staff, good shuttle service, free wi-fi
Cons: No 24h stores, too bright, unconfortable chairs

Good airport to sleep, security was really helpful and nice. There was only 4 other people sleeping there, so it was definitely not a problem to find a good place to sleep. Nothing stays open late night and they don't have even a selling machine, so don't forget to bring your bottle if you want to sleep there. There is a Bus ireann service outside the terminal that goes to Dublin City Centre and other locations (they will drop you at the Cork central station) and it costs a reasonable price (11 for student, one way).

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Sleeping at cork airport wasnt bad at all

by Basutigeruk (April, 2011)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Landside
Pros: perfect
Cons: perfect

Airport security will let you sleep for overnight but they will be asking if you about your next destination/ time of flight. I almost had no problems whatsover... free wifi on iphone makes the night easier for me. You cant sleep till 2PM in the night as its little bit of noisy but later on its quite enough. 5.30 am ppl are coming to catch there flights so u can enjoy 5 hours sleep only. Subway is open 24 hours with food/drinks. Toilets are clean and its next to subway. Information centre close at 12:00 pm in the night and open at 6.00 am. Bus service between dub-cork are horrible. so make sure u find out the timings well in advance.

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Deserted at night

by namche (February, 2007)

Reason for Stay: No Money
Where: Landside and Airside

I spent two nights at Cork Airport, both in winter. One way, we arrived in the evening and had to wait until 6 am for the car rental (we couldn't afford hotel). At night the terminal is open, but after 1 AM totally deserted, all shops closed. The building is "backpacker-proof" and doesn't have any good secret places to rest. Except the security we were the only people inside. We chose the seats near the over-size baggage check-in (seemed most peaceful), and tried to sleep on the floor on the sleeping pads, but security guys had a problem with that, so finally we had to use the trolleys to put legs on them. The night was quite peaceful because of relative silence, broken only by few announcements (in the deserted hall they made me jump). The airport is very clean. On the way back we had a flight at 3 AM, and found the cushioned seats behind the check-in gates very comfy. However, if you have a tent earplugs I would try to explore the area around the airport, Cork is a small city and the area seems very peaceful. Plus, a tent is always better than a chair at the terminal.

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not overnight, but it felt like it...

by jabberwocky (August, 2006)

Reason for Stay: Weather/airline delay
Where: Airside

We were trapped in the airport for 10 hours due to a security problem (terrorism bust in England shut down most UK and Ireland flights for the day) and it was unbelievably boring (and extremely crowded, but we can't blame them for that). Once you're through security, there's nothing but one big duty free shop that reeks of perfume. The only food or drink is duty free or from vending machines (so, nasty) and security didn't want to let us back out into the main lobby to get to food/bars/shops (thankfully, they relented after it became obvious that we were going to be there for a while). They didn't have TVs and weren't making announcements about why we were trapped there, so we had to get all of our news from (very expensive) calls to people on the outside. The one plus side was that at least the annoying airport announcements were in charming accents.

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by web-administrator (January, 2000)

(Contributed by Ben Stormhold) "quiet enough unless it's mid-summer when cork runs lots of late international flights. seats are deathly hard in the main entrance way and the fountain is run all night giving you the feeling that someone is hammering on your head. shops are shut as usual so you may starve. also, most shops and places you can eat anything don't open till 8 or 9 am. so take a packed lunch. not too many people, so if you can deal with the fountain (or position yourself somewhere else) and the hard chairs (bring pillows =) it's a decent nights kip."

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by web-administrator (April, 2003)

(Contributed by Tim Horgan) I have never slept in this airport but for 7-15 euro you could rent a Bed and Breakfast room. These are very clean and during most times of the year have vacancies. Also they are within walking distance from the airport but a bus or taxi might be preferred. You can leave your baggage in a locker or with security. (Note: if you leave them with security the will be screened). Security in the airport is very tight. Gardai (Police) are always present. On the beat/driving. Staff are very friendly and will give you a cup of tea/coffee free of charge. Very quiet airport. Shop closes early but it is a waste of money anyway. Local Shell station is only about 150meters away and has much better food/drink and magazines. 24HRS.Taxi calls available free/24hrs.5 to city center. I would not recommend staying in the terminal in the next few years because there are major major renovations (New terminal, runway, parking area etc.) going on usually after hours. Well you know the sound of constuction so you decide" Added 01 JAN 04

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by web-administrator (April, 2001)

(Contributed by Dan Kino) "I was in the hotel waiting for a flight to Manchester and fell asleep and never heard the announcement for my flight so when i woke up the gate had closed but the plane had not pushed back yet so i went to security and told them and they contacted the ground crew via radio and i was left on....... although the other passengers were not happy because the had a half an hour delay!!!! ALL BECAUSE OF ME!" Added 02 APR 04

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by web-administrator (July, 2006)

Where: Airside

(Contributed by edh) "Well I arrived from the Clarion hotel and because my flight was early I decided to sleep there. The new terminal is opening soon (August 1st) and was going mad I wasn't going to see it. The current terminal is a nice size has six gates, three restaurants and two bars, one landside and the other airside. The seats were comfortable airside but hand armrests. I looked like I was going hiking when I went through the airport search unit. Security is very tight cars are checked if they are left outside the terminal for more then five minutes. Airport commanding police are always on the beat in the airport and around the carparks. Security took me very seriously even though I was the only passenger going through the search unit they stopped and took their time. When I got to sleep, the staff woke me before my flight, if they didn't I would have missed my flight. When they woke me everything was so busy, there were 9 or 10 planes in and every gate was in use. " Added 30 July 2006

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by web-administrator (August, 2006)

Where: Airside

(Contributed by John199) "Well, I was returning home after my week in Cork, I was staying in the county for the fist 6 nights and had planned to find some where in the city to stay for the last night, but i overspent. I took the brave decision to go to the airport early- The New Terminal. Its really modern and flashy. I looked at all the things I couldnt buy for bout an hour before picking a spot for the evening- in the 2nd bar, but pretty soon it closed meaning I had to begin my search again. I ended up in the check in area- it was fairly comfortable! Id do it again! " Added 28 August 06

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by web-administrator (July, 2006)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by ?) "The new terminal opened this summer. There are a number of places you can sleep. 1..Just inside the arrivals door to the right you will find car rental desks which close around 10 most nights,there are 4 additional desks around a quite dark corner(when they are closed) which is at the end next to the window, apart from this being near where all trolleys are pushed at night it is perfect. 2.. If you head towards the multi storey car park you will find a car park inquiries desk just past this to your right opposite the lifts and before the bathrooms there is a quite/prayer room.I was never interrupted while sleeping here cosy yet no furniture.. 3.. Subway is open 24hrs but has comfortable leather couchs which are a treat to sleep on depending if the staff will allow you" Added 28 August 06

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