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by web-administrator (August, 2004)

(Contributed by Shan) "Small coastal airport located in western Norway, equi-distant between Stavanger and Bergen. Haugesund town itself is unremarkable - their tourist web staff sent me an email with their link saying "see if you can find anything to do" - they weren't kidding! However, the office itself (located conveniently opposite the ferry terminal) does have helpful staff who can book accomodation and transport and is well stocked with brochures covering western norway (not surprising if no one makes it to the office anyway after seeing the website ha ha!). Taxis to Haugesund town centre are 200 NOK. Airport bus is 40NOK and leaves 25 minutes after flight touches down. for return flights the bus leaves the town bus station at 3.30pm. Buses to Bergen cost 130 NOK one way and take around 3.5 hours. High speed ferrys to Bergen cost 350 NOK one way and take about the same time. Both options are highly scenic. Check out although they are not reliable. Tickets are checked by inspectors (who are probably the local skinhead crew after work ha ha) so do the right thing (even if norway is an expensive country) and you'll be safe. Weather in western Norway can change rapidly - be prepared for prolonged rain and wind in the summer(I guess thats why they invented oilskins!)take a poncho or goretex tops and bottoms.. Bathrooms in bus, train and ferry terminals cost 5 NOK - so always have a few 5 NOK coins handy unless you want to be in the shit(or not as may be the case)." Added 19 Sep 2004

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