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Europe : Turkey : Gaziantep



by web-administrator (September, 1994)

(Contributed by Gregg Polites) - "Don't expect to stay at Gaziantep Airport overnight or even throughout the day. The airport is only open for a specified amount of time before and after a scheduled flight. I specifically remember the police counting everyone that got off the plane so they could make sure that you got on the shuttle to go into town. Of course, this airport is quite remote so I figure that anyone who was going there was planning on going into town anyway. I don't think flights go anywhere besides Ankara so there probably won't be any layovers. Some interesting things: The baggage belt is only about 10 feet long and comes to an abrupt end. Make sure you get your bag quickly before it falls off! The bar only has 3 or 4 glasses so if you're with a group, be prepared to share. Also, when we were hanging at the bar before our departure, the bartender mysteriously disappeared with a quick grumble about 10 minutes before the plane arrived so we suspect that he was also operating the tower that day."

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