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Slept for 7 hours straight

by mackerous (September, 2012)

Reason for Stay: Too cheap for a hotel room
Where: Landside
Pros: Very comfortable seating/bed by baggage claim
Cons: No food at night, though I didn't look too hard.

By the baggage claim there are large, padded square-U shaped seats where I slept. I'm 6'1, 225lbs and easily fit on it with room to spare. I slept for 7 hours straight, amazing. Bathroom nearby. No food landside was open late that I found, but I was able to eat before it closed luckily.

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Pretty bad

by CarolaLSB (April, 2011)

Pros: Staff was (mostly) helpful.
Cons: Closes during night.

We had to spend the night in this airport. It was one of the worst nights ever. The airport closes during the night, everything closes. We arrived there from Phoenix, AZ at 11.30pm. Every place in the food court was closed. We were starved, had been flying all day. We had to take a cab to a nearby 7-11 to get some food and beverage. The counters were closed. Lights out mostly everywhere. At 1am, they closed the bathrooms until 6am. The baggage claim area is just plain sad. I got there via US Airways (one of the worst airlines, in my experience) and left in a Delta flight. I was on a J1 visa, and the woman at the Delta counter thought the visa was expired (regulation on that type of visa had changed recently). She started saying I was going to be deported, and then calling a manager. I was in tears, my visa was not expired, and I could not understand why she thought so. Finally, the manager or someone checked and my visa was fine. But those were the worst 30min of my life, thinking I was going to be deported and having someone threatening me with calling Homeland Security. After that, they let me check my excess baggage free of charge, the least they could do. Airlines should be up to date with regulations concerning visas. All in all, I don't have a fond memory of this airport. Edited to add: There was no place for us to leave our luggage overnight at the airport. We had 7 suitcases and 6 bags (we were returning home after 5 months) so we slept on it. Not comfortable.

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Actually may have slept 2 straight hours:)

by gaia8uranus (August, 2011)

Reason for Stay: Too cheap for a hotel room
Where: Landside and Airside
Pros: padded flat surface, nice looking airport,
Cons: nosy staff member, slot machines and noises everywhere

So there's definitely a few firsts here, good and bad. I'm definitely going to have to give a thumbs down for getting close to setting off a small scale heart attack in me. I've never had anyone bother me at an airport while lounging around for hours on end so I got kind of worried when a cleaner started asking me questions about why I wasn't getting on the last plane and talking about the airport closing. Eventually, he said the land-side was open but the air-side would close so I moved over to the baggage claim area (though I still suspect I would have been fine on the other side and he just needed me out of the way while he swept, but don't take my word for it). The baggage claim area was disappointing at first especially in terms of having adapters by chairs so I could get work done but soon found a good spot. The would have to be the padded surfaces by the baggage claim, not so much due to the padding itself (not the softest ever) but because it was the first time I got to lie completely flat on a surface that wasn't a carpeted floor infused with all sorts of bacteria I try not to think about. No matter how much they are cleaned, carpets are bound to have some of those. I believe I slept 2 hours straight on those things and that's never happened before. However, I wish they are in a more secluded spot as it felt like I was the first thing anyone coming into the airport would see. Pretty safe feel too, there was always at least one harmless looking person within a 0.2 mile radius and there's staff walking about all night. Don't buy a bottled drink from La Brea, I almost cried when I realized the 20 oz standard beverage I'd already opened was 4 bucks.

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Ski bum paradise

by jbeck (March, 2009)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside

I got in at midnight, and planned to take the South Tahoe Express bus at 8:30am, to get me on the slopes by 10am, and I thought this made a hotel/motel not worth it. There were about 10 others that must have felt the same way, lots of people were sleeping around next to their snowboard bags. The padded seats at the end of the baggage claim carousels looked like pretty good accommodations, but I slept on the floor for some reason. The cleaning guy was mostly finished by midnight. The worst thing in my opinion was the constant infomercial about local attractions that played until 12:30am and started up again at 5am. I brought earplugs, but it still was a bother. Didn't notice any security announcements. At 6am I went to buy discount Heavenly lift tickets at Savemart. Of course I didn't want to bring all my stuff on the mile long trek, so I stashed my snowboard bag on the 3rd floor of the parking ramp, outside of the view of security cameras. They didn't seem to mind, it was there when I returned at 7am. Seems like they're less 9-11 influenced than other places. Didn't see any lockers. Another tip for freeloaders, the South Tahoe Express bus (supported by casinos) never checked my ticket both times. Might as well try to sneak on the first time, if you're not traveling at peak times when it could be sold out.

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by web-administrator (January, 1998)

(Contributed by George Lin) - "1998. Again, faced with an early morning flight, I stayed in terminal rather than pay for a room. Actually spread out on floor behind some antique car on display! Standard carpet experience."

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by web-administrator (November, 2004)

(Contributed by mike) - "i have spent several different nights in reno/tahoe airport its the closest airport to mammoth mountain but that is 3 hours away so to get a ride id convince a few friends to drive into reno after we are done snowboarding for the day, booze it up, and have them drop me off at the airport around midnight each time no one seems to care the benches by ticket check in are nice and soft its well lit and safe only thing is the damn PA system is quite loud and has a recorded message every 5 minutes" Added 09 Nov 04

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by web-administrator (March, 2005)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by kelby) - "i flew to reno specifically for a concert at the hilton and booked a flight the next morning departing around 6:30 a.m. i figured (if it was anything like slc int'l) that the airport would be a safe, comfortable alternative to blowing a wad of cash at a casino hotel. it seemed fine at first, but after 11:00 p.m., the place was deserted. i tried to curl up on round, padded benches near luggage pick-up, but (like the above review stated) a VERY LOUD announcement played every minute. not every five minutes .... every damn minute. plus, the airport isn't in what i would consider a safe part of reno and there were shifty folks meandering in and out of the sliding doors the entire night. in fact, i went out around 3:00 a.m. to have a smoke and saw a troupe of dudes walkin' toward the airport (ain't no flights departing or arriving, ain't nuthin' open there). i moved to a less conspicuous spot, heard the doors open, heard some chatter, heard them leave. just seemed weird." Added 07 April 06

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