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Rochester Airport Review

by web-administrator (April, 2017)

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(Guest Review by MK) I go to school in the Rochester area and fly home almost every month through Rochester Intl. It is always clean, lines/security are extremely short, and flying through here is always a breeze. I can get to the airport and be out of check in/security in 10-15 minutes for a domestic flight, including Thanksgiving weekend. There is a Dunkin donuts and maybe a few small food places but I almost never eat here. Free WiFi is available.

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Quite comfortable actually

by dave_de_toronto (January, 2009)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside

I was able to pull two very comfortable, long benches together to make a genuine bed for myself. Very nicely padded, too. I had quite a nice sleep :) The only other person I saw was a cleaner and he seemed to get a kick out me. This whole experience makes me want to fly out of Rochester, NY more often!

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by web-administrator (January, 2000)

(Contributed by Mike Bonheim) - "Ah, Glorious Rochester! I have been in and out of school here in Rochester for 6 years now, so I have had plenty of interaction with the Airport. It is a very modern, though somewhat small, airport, with two terminals. The people are nice, and usually won't bother you, although you will want to attach your belongings to your person somehow. Not that there is a good chance that your stuff will be swiped, crime is actually relatively minimal, just that a bag that looks like it is sitting alone could be "borrowed" by the occasional unsavory or picked up by security or cleaning staff. The restaurants close down around 11:00, I think, but there is a McDonald's that is open later and earlier. Security is pretty lax, so you can go in and out of the terminals without much hassle. One thing to keep in mind: Rochester is in the middle of the snow belt, and between November and May you can pretty much count on delays. I have never flown into or out of that airport without at least a one hour delay. Smoking is out, so if you need a cigarette you have to go out of the terminal altogether. "

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by web-administrator (January, 2000)

(Contributed by Jeff Luszcz) - "A couple years ago I was caught by a winter storm in the Rochester New York Airport, no problems at all with sleeping on the floor. Security didn't hassle me and my fellow stuck travelers at all, though the weather could have had something to do with that. It seemed safe enough though a little boring. Security did stop us from playing on the escalators though. Too bad."

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by web-administrator (December, 2002)

(Contributed by ?) - "I was stuck in Rochester Airport for an entire night after attending a wedding ... Everything closes, I decided to sleep in the concourse but was made to leave by some unfriendly rent a cop type. they have some nice benches but they were taken...I found a bench in the lobby but it was difficult to sleep because although the airport was closed there was and endless stream of noisy people in and out all night....not a very good airport to be stranded in but I have been in much worse. I rate it as tolerable.( the displays are nice though...they even have the old original control tower inside the building)." Added 02 Dec 02

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