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Definitely Acceptable

by raywood (January, 2000)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside

A new airport. For several hours in the evening, I had to sack out in the chairs with non-moving armrests, propping myself against pillars to try to sleep. Then, at midnight, the cops came through and rousted the people who didn't have tickets for AM flights. I showed the cop my ticket & he said, 'OK, make yourself at home. The vending machines are downstairs, restrooms are over there -- have a good night!' There was some noise, but tolerable, from the carpet cleaners & other maintenance people. All in all, not a bad night's rest.

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Was not too good.

by shadowkun (June, 2009)

Reason for Stay: Hotels unavailable
Where: Landside

I arrived in the airport 1 in the morning due to flight delays. I am underage and hotels around here did not accept cash, it was too late to go anywhere so I camped out in the airport after reading advice from this site. *Prior to arriving, they did not have WIFI* The only good seats were downstairs in starbucks where they have couches, space is extremely limited. PRO: The only advantage this airport had was there were very little people, like 5. Washrooms were clean and staff/security ignored you. CON: FREAKING ANNOYING ANNOUNCEMENTS. They had announcements every 3 minutes in a loud annoying voice impossible to drown out. I memorized everything by morning. Their seats were groups of 4, hard bucket seats with armrests. Impossible to liedown on. Lights were on the whole night. No amenities to speak of. Suggestion: Bring a sleeping bag, lie down somewhere isolated. Bring the best noise cancelling earphones with eye shades. Go early and camp out in starbucks.

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by web-administrator (January, 1997)

(Contributed by Zoobag) - "T.F. Greene airport in Warwick, Rhode Island USA (northeast) Everything is brand spanking new. All was just built this year (1997). Lots of good places to eat and Very tight security, and if you're waiting for a flight and can prove it, they basically don't care if ya sleep. Plastic cushioned chairs with those cute little tv's...lots of all kinds of phone services including modem connections. A very up to date airport."

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by web-administrator (January, 2006)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by Jess) - "I ended up sleeping here on 2 occasions due to my badly timed flights. My experience of the Providence Bus Station (Kennedy Plaza) wasn't a good one so I opted to stay at the airport so I could avoid the bus station after dark. I was worried that I would be kicked out at midnight on my first stay as i didn't have a ticket for a flight in the morning, but no one bothered me at all. The downstairs part of the airport is a bit chilly as the doors are constantly opening, but upstairs is much better. I didn't see any vending machines or the like, so BYO food etc. Much to my delight, at about 1am the announcments stoped and they turned down the lights. I'd do it again if I had to :)" Added 05 Feb 06

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by web-administrator (June, 2000)

Where: Airside

(Contributed by ?) - "I have to agree with other posts about this airport. I had a wonderful night sleeping there after deciding not to shell out a hundred bucks for a hotel because i didn't have a hundred bucks. The cleaning staff was very nice and respectful. I stretched out in my sleeping bag on the ground and I think they closed the airport. No one ever asked me for a ticket, granted this was pre 9/11, but I think I did talk to security about my predicament (I missed the last bus to boston due to a delay out west). The strangest thing happened midway through the night. I think the one of the janitors had her kid with her. I woke up and either a. I hallucinated that this kid was smiling at me and giggling or b. he was smiling and giggling at me. Anyhow I woke up fully rested with a pile of skittles next to my head and thinking I must have had a stange hallucination. I think they were only orange and red. Wierd but cool." Added 07 April 06

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by web-administrator (April, 2004)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by Dan) - "Going to Hartford CT for a job interview with just carry-on. Southwest flight arrived into Providence (80 miles away) around 11 PM and didn't feel like getting a rental car that night or getting a hotel for just 8 hours. I settled down in the arrivals/departures area under a table with lights and noise until 1 AM when a friendly security guard told me that the departures area was closed until the morning but that I could sleep in the lobby at the entrance. Main lobby area has few (or is that no) amenties except for chairs with armrests and bright lights and a closed-for-the-night newstand. I did a bit of wandering around. And then. And then I saw on the left hand side a corridor that leads to offices and conference rooms. With new carpeting. Soft carpeting. A bit bright but out of the way and very quiet and a good-seeming place to get some sleep. I put my bag down and took out my blanket I had swiped from a previous flight. I was prepared. And then. And then I saw a light switch. Could it really be? I asked. Yes it could. I switched off the lights to the corridor and had a refreshing sleep the rest of the night, interrupted only once by a nice cop who said someone had noticed me and wanted to know if I was OK, and when I said yes he said "OK, have a good night, we'll have to turn the lights back on at 7 AM." And that was that. Soft carpet, clean, dark, quiet, and friendly security. Providence indeed!" Added 31 Dec 06

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