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Solid night at the airport

by methy (September, 2009)

Reason for Stay: Too cheap for a hotel room
Where: Landside and Airside

Had a great night in Madison Airport. I arrived, had no idea where to go, needed to get on the internet to find the address of my friend, but was too cheap to pay for the wifi, or a hotel and couldn't find the buses into the city. In the transit areas they had amazing couches, recliners and massage chairs and I already had decided to sleep here. Unfortunately I had a bag so I had to exit the transit area. Luckily just close to the check in counters there are a bunch of couches in the waiting room, including full three seat couches that are perfect for sleeping on. I had a sleeping bag and if I had a pillow, this would be a perfect bed. There aren't many other travelers, either, which means it's quiet, except for the gentle music punctured by frequent announcements as to the current terror level or whatever. Either way, I met some really kind people (one had been in the airport for a few nights or something) and we all drank wine and ate food they had bought in there and the security staff left us alone. Basically, a really good night, good atmosphere and comfortable sleep. If you're passing through, don't bother getting a hotel, just stay in the airport.

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Best airport ever

by travelingirl (June, 2000)

Reason for Stay: Other

Dane County Regional Airport (DCRA) - Fantastic ....This airport closes at night or it did in 2000. But they let me sleep in the vestibule and half way through the night a guy came out and brought me all the bedding from the first aid room. He said that the security wanted to let me in to sleep in the first aid room but the airport sheriff would not allow it. I was comfortable all night. They said if I want the toilet to let the cleaning staff know and they would let me in. I was amazed at their hospitality. Even though it was closed they did all they could for me.

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by web-administrator (January, 2000)

(Contributed by ?) - "Madison, Wisconsin's DANE COUNTY AIRPORT is a great place to sleep, It is used as an International Stop for United and Northwest airlines when either Chicago, Detroit, or Minneapolis closes. The floors are well carpeted and there are tons of extra benches. You can pull them right up to the phone and talk right before you sleep, there is also a coffee shop and newsstand on the departure deck, The airport is very well kept with great facilities, and with Palms and other lush plants lining the walkways."

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by web-administrator (December, 2003)

(Contributed by ?) - I used to fly out of Madison frequently, to connect to flights in Chicago, and though I have never been there overnight I have had my share of delays, and thus my share of naps. It is a very small airport, and VERY relaxed. Hardly ever busy and the security is pleasant and once past the metal detectors, hardly a presence at all. The floor is carpeted, and there are many open spaces to lie flat. Of course, if you're stranded overnight, I wouldn't know, but for layovers or delays, it's a great place to sleep." Added December 27, 2004

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by web-administrator (August, 2005)

(Contributed by ?) - As Madison is where I live, I haven't had to sleep there, but have gotten there early for departures (I always overestimate the lines through security) and once or twice waited due to a delayed flight. They recently renovated the airport, and it is even better than before. It is still small and easy to get around in, but it has all new carpet, new chairs, and LOADS of new shops. In addition to shops with food there are last-minute shopping stores with magazines, books, and even some handbags, a pretty nice bar in the gate area (past the security check), and a brand new reception area that is very nice when meeting friends. The airport is very quiet and has lots of nice seating, as well as some benches with no backs. The chairs at the gates have armrests but are roomy and fairly comfortable (for not being padded) and could easily be snoozed in if you have a pillow or something soft to prop up. The overhead announcements are known for being annoyingly quiet, actually, and probably would not bother anyone who is trying to sleep. The security and gate agents are usually really friendly and accommodating." Added 23 Sep 05

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