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simple regional airport

by web-administrator (January, 2016)

Pros: -
Cons: -

(Guest Review by Adurbe) The airport is fairly welcoming with a simple selection of shops aimed at the domestic travel market (no duty free here!). Food places are quite varied with pizzahut, sushi, a couple of bakery style (coxinha and similar food), and an a-la-carte restaurant. The few little shops selling sleep cusions/sweets/magazines will keep you entertained for only a short amount of time, but no electronic stores to woo over. Facilities are generally clean and comfortable.

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Manaus Airport Review

by web-administrator (August, 2015)

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Cons: -

(Guest Review) The only good thing there: it's open at night. But no chairs, no benches, no nothing. We ended up playing cards all night long, so it was fun. I'd die of boredom and tiredness all alone.

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Functional Airport at best, don't expect more.

by web-administrator (June, 2015)

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Cons: -

(Guest Review) Functional Airport at best, don't expect more. Basic food/restaurant, and shopping options. Be ready to be patient, and to practice self control, if your flight departs, in the early hours.

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A disgrace!

by andresouza (July, 2011)

Reason for Stay: Hotels unavailable
Pros: Pretty lake with turtles in fron of it.
Cons: slow and expensive wifi, expensive foods, bad transportation system, etc...

Oh Lord this airport is a disgrace, I wonder how come a country like brazil is not ashamed to have such a thing (and that's because they are going to host the world cup and olympics)... MAO seems to be falling apart, very old gray and brown bunker style airport... a sandwich costs you 7 USD!!! internet is not only paid, the service is very slow, check-in area is controlled it means you need to clear the security guards before check-in in and after doing it. The lines are huge and passengers often fight with each other due to this. Toilette's are filthy! The airport staff says they got a weak ILS or approach system it means a minor rain will make your flight forever delayed or even cancelled! honestly people who voted for manila should visit this one! never again!

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by web-administrator (January, 2005)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by ?) - "The MAO airport is small but very traveller - friendly. Excellent information, cheap snack sand beer, good security (which IS important in Brazil). The airport is surrounded by Amazonian Jungle and you can see turtles walking outside. Excellent gift shop with affordable prices. I didn't stay there overnightbut really enjoyed fewhours spent there waiting for a plane to Sao Paulo. " Added 11 Nov 05

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by web-administrator (July, 2005)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by IQT) - "After spending a week in a boat on the Amazon with 36 other people, hordes of mosquitos, phalanxes of black flies, and a plethora of hot steamy weather, it was nice to spend the better part of a day reading, shopping, and getting in some really good naps in one of the decent cushioned seats at Manaus airport. The place is pretty quiet most of the time, with courteous and friendly workers for the most part.It beats trying to sleep on a wooden slat bench or a steel deck." Added 23 Sep 05

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by web-administrator (August, 1998)

(Contributed by REB) - "Connecting from french Guiana to Bolivia, I was both too poor and had no time to go sleeping in the city.I spent the night on the terrace benches at the top of the terminal : night was warm and full of tropical smell ; I could see (and hear !) airplanes land and take-off. Not a bad night, and armed guards were hanging around, so I felt safe." Added 16 March 2005

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by web-administrator (February, 1996)

(Contributed by ?) - "The airport into Manaus, the major city in the Amazon is open to the outside, but seems to be fairly safe. I slept there with my Dad in February of 1996 and we were molested by no one (and since I speak Portuguese, I am sure no one in the vicinity was speaking of doing any evil things either.) But the seats are not at all conducive to stretching out, so unless you can sleep in a chair, the floor is your next best option. This is not too bad if you have squishy luggage and a small travel pillow. The food situation is typical of Brazil's smaller airports - scanty, luke warm and not so good, so bring supplies to tide you over. If you are there during the busier afternoon hours, be prepared to be approached with a stream of offers for tours of the Amazon, especially if you don't look Brazilian or you are heard to be speaking another language."

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by web-administrator (January, 2000)

(Contributed by Felipe Barini) - "Oh boy, this airport is really weird. There are only a couple of chairs, a not-so-good air conditioning system. The chairs, by the way, are awful for you to sleep if your luggage does not contain a pillow or something likethat. Drank 5 beers for not to run away back to a "Forro" in the city. Oh, its far from the city centre, just to mention."

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