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by web-administrator (September, 2004)

(Contributed by Laura) - "Having been stranded on Margarita Island whilst they awaited a hurricane which didn't arrive, I had finally managed to get a VERY crowded ferry back to the mainland, but due to a national holiday in Venezuela, everything was booked up. I was also planning to take a bus at 6-7am the next morning, and since it was midnight when I arrived, it seemed like an added hassle to find a hotel for that time anyway!! So, being as I had my sleeping bag and camping mat handy, and using my backpack as a pillow, I bedded down in the ferry terminal for the night. I actually slept okay, with the only major interruption being someone accidentally standing on me!!! Although security in Venezuela is often a problem, I actually felt reasonably safe, and it definitely avoided a load of hassle!" Added 28 August 06

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