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Sana'a Airport Review

by web-administrator (November, 2015)

Pros: -
Cons: -

(Guest Review) Anybody that claims an airport is the 'worst in the world' has never been here. There were rat droppings all over the immigration arrival hall. The entire complex smelled like feces. On my return trip (transit), all the squatter toilets had overflowed from the bathroom into the arrival hall. I have been to many airports in the world, but this is the worst.

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by babalyemen (April, 2011)

Reason for Stay: Waiting for for friends or family
Where: Landside
Pros: Absolutely none!
Cons: Personell

I travel back and forth to Yemen. Let me tell you be ready to pay for fines that aren't even part of airport policies. I have never been treated in such a rude and obnoxious way. They would not let me travel unless i paid a 700!!!!!!!! If u are from the US with no family in Yemen DO NOT TRAVEL TO YEMEN.

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Kind people, Poor country

by debbieobad (July, 2010)

Reason for Stay: Other
Where: Landside and Airside

For everyone complaining about their yemen airport experience you have to remember this is a third world country. The people of Yemen consist mainly of poor hardworking men trying to make a dollar to feed their families. While the airport may not be one of the greatest I have seen the people are kind,courteous,and the airport was clean. Also, Sanaa is in the process of opening a new airport which will be as modern as any other. I believe it is slated to open next year. For everyone complaining about the people and airport feel blessed you were not born in to this kind of poverty and dig alittle deeper in your pockets to tip them and stop complaining.

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Unusual experience for westerners

by cosima (January, 2009)

I stayed many hours many times at Yemeni Airports, also in Aden/Southern Yemen. Since I lived in Yemen and knew the culture and language it was very good there. I was a single woman at that time and it was the savest place in all of the Arabic countries I lived or travelled. Sure I remember the first time I entered Yemen it was a bit frightening to see all the Yemenis with a dagger and a kalaschnikov and sometimes a pistol walking around. In the 90s at least nobody would have stolen your luggage or anything. They were not used to tourists at that time, may be they changed. Because a lot of tourists come unprepared to a country with totally different customs and values and may pay for their ignorance. F. ex if you walk around in a legging and a spagetti shirt in Yemen this is considered shameful, because thats less than underwear in their culture. So do not be surprised. If you keep the code you have extremely pleasant and wonderful experiences. I felt in love with the people and country of Yemen from the first day until today.

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by web-administrator (May, 2007)

Where: Airside

(Contributed by YemenYahoo) - "Dont' believe the crazy stories you hear about Sanaa Airport. I didn't sleep there, so I can't comment on sleeping comfort, but the airport is clean and very convenient due to its small size. And the staff at the airport are absolutely great. The friendliest people you can find in ANY airport in the world. Yes, some staff are in military type uniforms. Is it scary though? Not AT ALL. They are so nice, as helpful as they can be, and you will never feel THREATENED by them. I didn't use teh bathrooms so I don't know if they're clean or not, but the overall airport appears extremely clean. It's not the most high-tech appearing airport, but believe me, you won't find a more convenient airport anywhere. I didn't feel like I had to run 5 miles to catch my flight. Everything is so accessible. The security guards are super nice. Don't worry about missing your flight at this airport. They will hold the flight for you. Where else will they do this nowadays?! Also, I don't think there are screens displaying flight times/departures, etc., but ask any one of the staff, and you'll be in the know. Someone is always there to help you. Yes, the counter airlines staff speak English. Others might not. But then again, how many staff members at LaGuardia know Arabic?! Also, they want tips to help you with your luggage, but don't worry about them stealing your stuff. This is unheard of in Yemen. Overall, the safest country, the nicest people..and the same can be said about the airport."

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by web-administrator (May, 2001)

(Contributed by ?) - "Don't go to Saana, Yemen. The airport is crawling with strange military types in a variety of uniforms - all carrying Kalashmakov Rifles or Uzzi-typle weapons - none of whom know any foreign languages - and to whom all white faces are alike. And ubiquitously pointing these weapons at all passengers regardless. Why? Bleak, scary, stark, semi-clean, uncomfortable bucket & hard-chair seats, dark & semi-clean bathrooms, no amenities, poor flight announcement system (you could sit there forever!).The country is the Islamic kidnapping capital of the world! Don't leave the airport without a known reliable contact - a worse fate lies outside!Lufthansa lost my luggage on the incoming flight! And it turned up in Denver 5 months later via United Airlines! Figure that one out! Only a few trousers stolen out of one suitcase. Not going back. " ADDED 04 JUL 03

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by web-administrator (January, 2000)

(Contributed by TH) - "This is the pits, very small airport, located just outside the city. If you survive the taxi ride from the city centre don't let the porters take your cases, you will be hassled all the way into the terminal building anyway, but at least you will know you will have all your luggage. Keep a careful eye on your luggage as it has to be put through a glass screen before it goes into the metal detector; it is very easy to lose sight of it, which can then very easily become the property of one of the local beggars. There are only very basic facilities for seating, never mind sleeping, the floor is not recommended unless you want to risk contacting something new to medical science. Security as usual for this area is very tight, the guards are quite unfriendly, I just hope the guy I saw, who had his automatic pistol pushed down his waistband had the safety catch on. Toilets, it is useful if you can hold your nose and squat over the hole in the ground at the same time, don't forget to take your own toilet tissue. All flight information is both called and displayed in arabic so you have keep your eyes peeled for any activity which might resemble boarding. "

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by web-administrator (January, 1998)

(Contributed by Irish Neil) - "I have travelled for four years and in 1998 had the displeasure of having an overnight stop in the Yemen on a flight from Kenya. It was without doubt the worst airport I have ever been in with very few seats and only two toilets, both of which were blocked with diarrhea. Very noisy and no flight info."

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by web-administrator (October, 2004)

(Contributed by ?) - "Avoid, at all costs. Hotels in the city are cheap so go for them instead of spending more time that absolutely needed at this airport." Added 23 Sep 05

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by web-administrator (August, 2005)

Where: Airside

(Contributed by ?) - I was on the hell of sanaa airport during August 2005 , you can not believe it. It is exactly like stable which people use in the villages for keeping domestic animals.It was my first and hopefully last trip to the damn area. You can not find any tissue or plastic pipe to clean yourself in airport's W.C. even worse no soap to wash your hand, if require , the worker will bring you some detergent.Every thing is upsidedown in comparing with DXB ( Dubai airport) or IKIA (Tehran airport) .Never advise to go to the hell of Yemen.I suppose Afghanistan or Iraq is much better.In sanaa airport , they may keep your passport for 4 hours without any reason." Added 23 Sep 05

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by web-administrator (October, 2005)

(Contributed by ?) - "SAH...two words sum it up....mass confusion. Overcrowding is a problem. The locals seem to hang around ready to "POUNCE" and grab your bag and expect an essesive tip. Lufthansa counter staff very helpful. Customs agents are friendly and helpful. Try a little Arabic and they will help you " Added 06 Nov 05

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by web-administrator (August, 2006)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by Simon) - "Good God! This is by far the worst Airport in Asia, I cannot think of a worse experience ever. Firstly the check in was absolute chaos with a total of 5 counters manned for 5 departing flights, it took 2 hours to check in once we made it through the security check. Getting through the security check to enter the check in area is chaos and it is hard to keep track of your baggage. It is not possible to do without bribing the baggage handlers who will not load you bags on the Xray machine unless you have about 1-2 in local currency, so make sure you have some local currency handy or say good bye to your belongings.The building is a hopeless 70's era structure, which has been porrly maintained and is not capable of handling current traffic. By far it has the slowest passport control anywhere on earth and it took me 1 hour to get my passport stamped.The bathrooms are the most disgraceful refugee camp stlye latrines I have ever seen, complete with overflowing excrement, stench, malaria bearing mosquitoes, toilet paper non-existent, no soap.The seats are awful and packed so close together you couldn't even squeeze in if you were more than 5 foot tall, which appears to be the average height in the country. Place seems like it is running on the basis of organized chaos.Sleeping would be a grave mistake as there are no announcements and you couldn't fight away the insects.Stray rabid dogs roam freely around the runway and apron, oblivious to the AK toting security guards who could possibly put the poor animals out of their misery. So is Malaria, Rift Valley Fever and Yellow Fever, are not enough to worry you. This is by far the airport where you have the continued >>

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by web-administrator (February, 2007)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by Dianne) - "The arrival area at the Sana'a airport is not all that great, rather chaotic, but since there is no reason to hang around there it is tolerable.I was pleasantly surprised with the departure area. Very clean. Staff exceptionally courteous and friendly. A number of interesting little shops selling everything from food to jewelery to men and women's clothing. There is a nice little snack bar with light refreshments. The coffee was good though a little overpriced. Washrooms very clean. Unfortunately, smoking is allowed so that was a bit of a problem. The airport would not be too good to sleep in because of the hard bucket seats though I am not sure if it is even open overnight." Added 01 April 2007

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