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Brutal dog abuse by train guard!!

by brynnthebackpacker (July, 2012)

Where: Airside
Pros: x
Cons: Train guard beat dog on platform!!..

I cannot stress how much of a complaint this is. Myself and my husband have chosen to travel throughout Thailand as a backpacking holiday, but after witnessing horrific events at the Suratthani train station on the night of July 28th, we are NEVER stepping foot on a Thailand train again. We witnessed a train guard sneaking up on and beating an innocent dog while it slept on the platform. He was told that the dog bit a child, and without further investigation found the dog and started beating it in the head with a hard wooden bat. A company that would hire such barbaric staff should be ashamed of themselves. There is no excuse for this kind of animal cruelty and we intend on spreading the word of this repulsive behavior. The old, short man who performed this act was working with a tall, younger accomplice who stomped around and taunted the dog as it was being attacked by the old man. Shame on this company for turning a blind eye to this horrible abuse. The children and adults who witnessed this scene will have nightmares about their travels and will never forget the scared and pain-filled cries of the poor animal involved.

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by web-administrator (July, 2005)

(Contributed by Jen K) - "I spent a considerable amount of time in and around the Surat Thani train station trying to get from Bangkok to Ko Samui and then back again. The train from Bangkok arrived late, which was fine because we had a good 4 hours to kill before the bus arrived to take us to the ferry. There is a string of tiny restaurants right across the street from the train station, and they don't mind at all if you sit at their tables for hours and only order a Coke. [Hence the tolerable rating] It is definitely possible to sleep at these [hard plastic, outdoor-type] tables, but I would recommend sleeping in shifts if possible. There were a few ne'er-do-wells hanging around [even at 6 AM!]... Some of the restaurants offered internet service, but it was expensive and really slow. Also, the bathroom was a hole in the ground with a small bucket next to it for flushing... On the return, we spent about 6.5hrs waiting for the train, most of which was spent at the tables in front of the restaurants. Of course, the train heading back to Bangkok was REALLY late. Since we couldn't tell how late it was going to be, we waited in the actual station for about an hour. It's a dirty and hot outdoor station with a few food/souvenir stands. Between the sound of the trains passing through every 20 minutes or so and the men spitting up phlegm onto the tracks every 20 seconds or so, sleep was impossible for my traveling companion and me. [However, I recommend paying the extra 10 to get a 1st Class cabin on the sleeper train!! Not only is it more comfortable, but the porter was fantastic!!]" Added 05 Feb 06

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by web-administrator (February, 2001)

(Contributed by Glen) - "surat thani train station (feb 2001): this is a pretty popular stop for many travellers on their way down to southern thailand and malaysia and as the trains are never on time, one must sleep while waiting for the sleeping trains (ironic...)...anyway, it is an outdoor train station and other than the rats and the flea infested dogs it is not a bad place to get some kip as the benches are flat and you can store your luggage for a well, right across from the train station is a hotel (the name escapes me, i think it is elizabeth hotel) that has a lounge downstairs that shows movies until 10:30 pm and a green grassy area next to the road where i lounged for a couple of hours before the mozzies got to be too much... "

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