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- Taoyuan Taipei-Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan
A comfortable rest.
American-N-China, 7/21/2012
PROS: Quiet, comfortable, empty, helpful security and staff
CONS: late night flight arrivals and noisy passengers
I have been to TPE a few times, but only twice have I camped out over night. The first time was in March, when I stayed overnight on the landside for 4 hours and slept in the arrival hall couches with about a dozen others.

This last time I was there from 9pm until 7am so that ment I needed to find a better place to hold up since there was still a lot of flights from 9p-12a. After wondering around looking for something to eat settling on the only thing open in the B2 level cafeteria's other than 7-11 (McDonald's) I went looking for a place to bed down for the night. After getting directed around to various areas by the security I found a waiting area near the exits for the car park lifts. There was about 15 sets of benches for people to rest and wait for their family/friends to arrive. So I staked out the best set near the wall pulled my luggage in close used my duffel bag full of clothes as a pillow and fell asleep.

The seats were comfortable and had no arm rests so stretching out was no problem, especially for a 6'1' (183.5cm) tall guy like me. The only problem was it got a tad bit cold, and there were flights coming in until 2 in the morning. So I got woken up about every 45mins until the last flight. The security guard standing at the entrance the hall was kind and didn't say a thing about me bedding down for the night. I even felt better about sleeping with all my possessions since the security guard was only 20m away from me.

All in all I wouldn't mind sleeping in TPE again.
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Other Stuff I noticed
  • SEATING: Comfortable Cushioned Seating
  • AMENITIES: Gift Shops, Bookstores, Fine jewellery and clothing shops, Fast Food, Sit down style restaurants, Bag Storage /Lockers, WIFI
  • BATHROOMS: Clean Bathrooms, Automatic Flush Toilets (the ones that are suppose to flush when you leave the cubicle)
  • SMOKING: Smoking is permitted in designated areas
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS/NOISE: Some announcements
  • TEMPERATURES: Just right
  • CLEANLINESS: Cleaning staff were respectful of my desire to rest
  • OTHER GOOD TO KNOW INFORMATION: Signs at this airport were in several languages - one of which I understood

2012 - July
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Reason for Stay
Early flight departure
was friendly and helpful
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