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- Don Muang Bangkok International Terminal, Thailand
No hassle place to sleep but gets very cold, so bring jackets and a blanket
web-administrator, 3/26/2016
(Guest Review) We flew in around midnight and decided it wasn't worth going to a hotel at that time of night so we searched for a place to sleep within the airport. We had no ticket for onward travel from the airport until later in the week.

If you're planning to do what we did- come into Bangkok without a hotel booked for the first night, I have some advice for you. We had some trouble getting through immigration because apparently you need to have an address for your hotel written on your arrival card. We had booked through Airbnb for the following night but didn't have the address on hand and there was no wifi to look it up. We eventually just guessed and when we handed it in they didn't check the address, except to make sure something was written there- so just make sure you have something written in that box. Nobody told us this and we had to queue for immigration 3 times for over 25 minutes each time before we got through...

After getting through immigration, you get to the arrivals hall. If you walk to the left, near where the taxi queue is, there's a set of escalators that takes you up to the departures level. There's also a water fountain, so fill up your bottle if needed before going up. On the departures level we saw a few people sleeping but decided to keep going up to find somewhere more private. We went to the observation deck area. There was one other guy sleeping there. We pulled up two banks of chairs to sleep on. Uncomfortable, but at least it wasn't the floor.

After a couple of hours there were many airport security guards, cleaners and airport personnel who had come up to sleep in the area as well. Around every 30mins there was a very loud automated announcement about not smoking or not leaving baggage unattended or not bringing liquids onto the aircraft. It gave you just enough time to almost fall asleep and then jolted you awake again.

We began to get very cold and decided to move somewhere warmer. We went back downstairs to the departures level and found a spot just behind the elevators, sleeping on the floor. There were about 5 other groups of people sleeping there at the time. The loudspeaker was located further away from this spot, so was much quieter and the frequency of the announcements decreased since the airport was almost empty. We got about 2.5 more hours of sleep before we decided to get up and have breakfast at around 4.30am. I was quite cold again at that stage. The airport was getting much busier by then which is what motivated us to get up.

All in all, not a bad experience. There was no hassle from airport security or anyone. There were plenty of spots to sleep. Although it wasn't the most comfortable night's sleep, it was free. I'd definitely advise everyone to bring a jacket and warm socks, or a nice warm blanket because it does get cold.

Alternatively you could book into the airport's 'sleeper boxes' for a simple night of peaceful sleep. The rates start at 1000 baht for 3 hours or 1800 for the whole night. I guess you have to weigh up whether the free nights accomodation is more important to you than the quality sleep.
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2016 - March

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