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- TEGUCIGALPA , Honduras
web-administrator, 9/1/2007
(Contributed by Rafael Menendez) - "Gay policemen Tegucigalpa Airport. During my flight from Roatan, the conecting flight was delayed for 9 hours. I would rather been in a prission on Istambul that Tegucigalpa's Airport (Toncontin).After three hours of doing nothing, two security guys asked me o step into a room, (Not bigger than a standard hotel elevator, there were three more cops in there and a drug sniffing dog. They asked me about my nationality (I am Salvadorian), plus other stupid questions. The dog was barking like there was no tomorrow and the heat was overwhelming, (imagine five people, a desk and a dog in a room with no AC).One of the guards tuned off the lights, and right then, the must unpleasant experience in my life happened; I felt all eight hands toching my private parts, and the cops next to me were trying to french kiss me, there were three tongs in my throat.Then out of desperation I started kicking everyone, and I kikced the dog, and thank god, the dog started biting everyone, including me. It was crazy, I tell you.Do not go to Tegucigalpa..." Added 19 Sep 2004
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2004 - July

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