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- West Memphis Outside, USA
Sleeping in a childrens playhouse
web-administrator, 6/8/2009
(Contributed by Jon Bowers )
"1996 - I got stuck there cause the traffic freaked me out and I couldn't hold my thumb up any longer. So I retired to a Wal-Mart. I wasn't usually sleeping near people but this time I was in the city. The projects were a few blocks away and I was kinda scared. So Wal-Mart was my shelter. I tried sleeping out back in some cardboard boxes but the mosquitoes were crazy, so was the heat and humidity. I went out to the front of the store where for some reason the bugs were not so bad. So, here's the good part. I noticed there were some childrens playhouses on display. The kind that are made out of plastic with sliding boards and little doors and stuff. Well I headed over to one of them. I had to choose between castles or log cabins. I choose the little grey castle. I went inside without anyone noticing and found it to be somewhat comfortable. There was a room for me, a room for my backpack, and some shelves for my junk. There was no roof so the mosquitoes raided me again. They would pile up on my face and arms. I got kinda sick after awhile but finally fell asleep. It was a fun place to spend the night. "
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2009 - June

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