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South Pacific : New Zealand : Auckland : AKL

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- Auckland , new zealand
worth the delay
auchendean, 11/17/2009
Having missed our internal flight from AKL due to a baggage handling crisis in Dubai, 2 of us had to stopover night with an 0800 revised internal flight next day. In fact this is the 3rd time I've stayed here, rather than buy a hotel room. Nothing has changed in 5 years.
Upstairs in the International observation lounge the sleeping facilities are very good. Carpeted, if you want to sleep horizontally, several upholstered bucket seats are built together to form an undulating 1.6m length bumpy sofa, if you want a bit more softness underneath. It is fairly quiet from 2300 - 0500, with few night flights causing viewers to also use 'their' lounge - they chat and wave! Always pleasant considerate sleepers as your companions, but this time one mindless young woman spent an hour on her mobile phone - until I asked her to stop. A nearby video games room booms out automatic messages, but I just shut the doors and that cured that one. A nearby bar provides grog until 2230 and it's really pleasant drinking and watching the flights along the runway until the Airport quietens down. Toilets nearby.Lifts allow you to bring a trolley upstairs with all the luggage. No hassle from staff. Coffee bar with some food on the floor below is open all night. By moving around the lounge one can either read or get a reasonably darkened spot for the kip. No fancy facilities, but that's why it's quiet!Just perfect.
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Other Stuff I noticed
  • SEATING: Comfortable Cushioned Seating, Other seating without armrests
  • BATHROOMS: Clean Bathrooms
  • SHOWERS: No Showers
  • SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted in the airport
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS/NOISE: Some announcements
  • TEMPERATURES: Just right

2009 - November
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Early flight departure
was non-existant
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