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Europe : Germany : Frankfurt : City

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- Frankurt , germany
24 hours almost a delight
letitia, 3/9/2010
Missed my one-a-day flight and spent 24 hours wandering, snoozing and enjoying. The highlight for me was the full-fledged supermarket deep in the bowels of the lower levels (gives you a chance for a brisk walk). loaded up with variety, organic/bio and fresh choices. Everyone I asked for directions was helpful. Another high spot was the zurich insurance island of free internet, all Macs, just because and please no more than 20 minutes but if it's not busy no worries. the crinkly-eyed man handed out mints for the trip after asking me to sign the guestbook & put my name in for a free blackberry. Concourse C is the sleeper's choice with grey and black multiple seats lined up on each side without benefit of armrests-3 in a row and little tables at each end. also no ceiling and lights were missing on the window side. A & B have shops and no seating.
if you like a man in uniform you'll love the frankfurt airport. at least as the day wears on it seems like everyone is wearing a hat or a badge and mostly dark blue. as you might imagine, there are regulations. a new one for me was that it wasn't possible to top up the hot water for my tea because it was all controlled and linked so that another new tea would have to be charged. wow. little wiggle room for human choice. that was a small corner cafe that flows into a bank which has 3 computers set up so you can stand and drink your coffee/tea and use the net. no facebook possible but most other e-mails seem to function. Enjoy!
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Other Stuff I noticed
  • SEATING: Other seating without armrests
  • AMENITIES: Gift Shops, Bookstores, Prayer rooms, Bag Storage /Lockers
  • BATHROOMS: Clean Bathrooms

2010 - February
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