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- Frankfurt 1, germany
another acceptable night
erin, 10/21/2010
I have slept twice in Frankfurt. The first time was unintentional (didnt get on a flight and had to sleep overnight/couldnt afford hotel) and the second time intentional-early morning flight and hotel again too expensive. The first time I slept in the main lobby, in sort of a quiet alcove to the side on a bench. The cleaning people left it alone until about 5am, but it was rather cold. Most annoying were the constant announcements for trains throughout the night. So the second time I thought- I will go to the elevated tunnel connecting the airport to the train, no announcements! Unfortunately this place was less than ideal, because it vibrates whenever someone walks across the tunnel. ALso I felt a bit unsafe being so isolated. So back to the main terminal... Was ok. Security left me alone but it was cold and the bathrooms really not so nice...
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Other Stuff I noticed
  • BATHROOMS: Filthy Bathrooms
  • SHOWERS: No Showers
  • SMOKING: Smoking is permitted in designated areas
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS/NOISE: Frequent announcements

2009 - June
Was this an overnight stay?
Reason for Stay
Too cheap for a hotel room
ignored me
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