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- Zurich , Switzerland
Make sure you pick the right star bucks!!
Liz211, 12/25/2010
We read a previous review of Zurich airport recommending Starbucks as a good place to sleep, due to the double couches that are left out during the night. So we went and staked out some awesome double couches and got comfortable. But as soon as the main lights went out, we became surrounded by some very questionable people. Two old homeless men on one side who had cans of bourbon, were snoring loudly then yelling at one another for snoring, and at one stage started harassing other young travelers trying to sleep there, grabbing them and yelling - and security was no where to be seen. On the other side, a homeless woman who smelled strongly of vomit. In the end, we gave up our great couches and went to look for another spot. We found another star bucks closer to the check in area that also had couches - they weren't as comfortable as the first ones, but we slept so much better! There weren't any dodgy looking people around there either. I would recommend THAT Starbucks.
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Other Stuff I noticed
  • SEATING: Comfortable Cushioned Seating
  • AMENITIES: Gift Shops, Bookstores, Fine jewellery and clothing shops, Fast Food, Bars, Prayer rooms, Sleep rooms, Bag Storage /Lockers, WIFI
  • BATHROOMS: Clean Bathrooms
  • SHOWERS: Pay Showers
  • TEMPERATURES: Just right
  • INSECTS/PESTS: Drug addicts homeless people and other suspicious people were present

2010 - December
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Too cheap for a hotel room
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