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- Frankfurt Frankfurt, Germany
The Saving Grace
phoenixtears, 3/18/2011
PROS: Nice seating style
CONS: Other parts of the airport were too crowded
I have never been a fan of Frankfurt, and after my experiences last December, I will never be a fan of Frankfurt again. However, there was a plus when it came to sleeping in the airport. Long story short, I was stuck in the blizzard and was actually offered a free hotel room for the night. I took it but went back to the airport at 4am to ensure I recieved new tickets for the connecting flight which I missed due to the weather. After getting my ticket I went to find a place by the gate to rest, and found these lovely lounge-chair-esque seats waiting for me to sleep on. It was like a chair that was slightly laid back with leg rests. Super comfortable, and just what I needed.

If it means anything, I was on my way to Khartoum, and that automatically makes Frankfurt look heavenly in comparison.
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Other Stuff I noticed
  • SEATING: Comfortable Cushioned Seating
  • AMENITIES: Gift Shops, Bookstores, Fast Food
  • BATHROOMS: Flush Toilets, Automatic Flush Toilets (the ones that are suppose to flush when you leave the cubicle)
  • SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted in the airport
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS/NOISE: Some announcements

2010 - December
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Checking in and had to wait
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