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- Frankfurt Main - FRA Near Terminal 2, Germany
Gypsy Camping Near the Airport
Kilroy, 10/5/2011
PROS: Safe and discreet camping
CONS: In good weather only. Must have sleeping bag and preferably a tent.
Because I had a sleeping bag and backpacker's tent with me, a chose to leave the terminals and camp about 1/2 km away. FRA is surrounded by primitive forest. I checked it out, but the ground seemed too rough for comfortable tenting. Fortunately, I found a reclaimed construction zone with flat grassy ground. It is in a big traffic island between two freeways, only 1/2 km from Terminal 2. It is half grassy and half wooded, so it is easy to hide. Location: 50.055N, 8.585E. From Terminal 2, walk straight out and cross under the first freeway and there it is! At night, there is little chance of any human encounter, and I felt comfortable enough to leave my camping gear here during the day while I explored the city. Rain is always possible. In summer, insects are going to be an issue, so you need a tent. In cooler months, you might get by with just a ground cover and sleeping bag, assuming no rain. Having found my home, I didn't explore the terminals completely, but there is an excellent low-price supermarket in the basement level of Terminal 1. You could survive here for days! The train station is connected to Terminal 1. See my PHOTOS of Frankfurt, including my campsite: (NOTE: Title of this review is in no way intended to demean members of the Gypsy ethnic group.)
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Other Stuff I noticed
  • AMENITIES: Gift Shops, Bookstores, Fine jewellery and clothing shops, Internet Cafes, Fast Food, Sit down style restaurants
  • BATHROOMS: Clean Bathrooms
  • INSECTS/PESTS: Insects were present

2009 - May
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