Sleeping in Airports

On our flight no. TB181 from Brussels to Punta Cana on 15/08/2021, we sat in the Deluxe section and while the flight crew was very nice, a lot of passengers either weren’t wearing any masks at all and only had them hanging from their chins, or some just had them on to cover their mouths but not their noses.
For context, you didn’t need to show any proof of vaccination or negative testing, so literally anyone could’ve been sitting next to us.
On such a long flight, I expected to see everyone wearing their masks correctly (except for eating & drinking, but people were not wearing their masks (correctly) for hours).
The flight crew didn’t say anything, only when I asked them directly they managed to ask a woman in front of us to put on her mask. She did, but as soon as the flight attendant was gone, she made an obscene gesture towards a sign that told the passengers to wear masks and proceeded to free her nose.
When we in process of landing, one of the flight attendants was standing directly in front of us, next to us was a man that didn’t wear any mask at all and loudly talked to his neighbour in the middle row. Both didn’t wear their masks, but the flight attendant didn’t say anything at all.
I am very disappointed with the crew and especially with TUI fly for not enforcing basic hygiene rules despite the Covid-19 pandemic still going on.
I will not be flying with Tui again despite having flown with them for years and I regret already having booked the return flight to Brussels because this shows the company doesn’t care for their passengers’ safety at all. To be truthful, I was horrified at how little the crew seemed to care – they were busy chatting next to the kitchen while half the plane was sitting without masks.