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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Charlotte Douglas Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    One of the worst!



    Pros: Lots of areas to walk around inside

    Cons: No free WiFi, half of airport looks like a construction site, in the middle of nowhere, absolutely nothing for miles landside

    I didn’t sleep here but had a very long daytime layover of 16 hours.
    I managed maybe a few minutes sleep on a chair while my phone was charging.
    Very very busy airport in the morning but becomes very quiet by midday.
    Lots of rocking chairs to sit on.
    It calls itself a international airport but in reality this is very much a US airport just full of Americans and US shopping and dining, I think there are a few international flights everyday but I felt this airport is mainly for US flights connection to other US cities.
    The airport felt like it’s in the middle of nowhere in a construction site so forget about just stepping outside and finding anything to do, only place landside is a awful Starbucks, a bar maid told me that you’ll need to take a 5 minute cab ride to get to anything outside of the airport.
    Half the airport was under some construction process with power lines exposed, moving walkways and toilets out of service.
    While it’s open there are lots of very overpriced shops, restaurants and bars to waste your time and money in.
    Lots of plug sockets for charging phones.
    Worst part of my stay here was that the airports free WiFi network was down the whole day and judging by staffs reaction to this is a common problem. But Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Shop has free WiFi if you need it and fancy dinning on some awful US cuisine?

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    Pros: Didn’t kick outside

    Cons: Mean and misrepresented app

    THIS PLACE IS A JOKE. Missed flight after American Airlines moved terminal on me 3 times. Intercom system not clear or concise.
    After finally missing flight running back and forth, was sent to American Airlines customer service desk. Man was rude, unapologetic, and gave me hotel listings which were ALL BOOKED.
    Asked numerous airport personnel about app amenities which I realize do NOT exist. Spoke with janitorial, agents, numerous security personnel and even management which sent me to a cold basement. Definitely marking Carolina off my bucket list along with this airport, and AMERICAN AIRLINES who also charged me twice for their free baggage.

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    Surprisingly great Concourse D experience!



    (Guest Review by Jackie M) Terminal D – Late arrival resulted in overnight layover until morning flight. I was told to go to Concourse D to get cot. I scored a first class blanket/ pillow bag and super easy, comfortable fold out cot. With my eye bag I actually slept comfortably. Waking up to full waiting area was weird but happy about cot experience. Anyone know what brand and where to buy one? Airport cot rocks!!

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    Kicked out to the curb for the night



    Terminals E to B – American airlines scheduled a connecting flight with way too small of a window considering taxi time, deplaning and a 20 min delay. Called the airline hours before flight expressing concern and they said it should be fine. It wasn't. The connecting flight took off before my daughter (she was the one traveling) was able to even deplane. They said she'd have to spend the night in the airport. At 1:30am a group of security guys approached her and a few others telling them that the airport was closing until 4:00am and they'd have to "go through those doors". The doors led my daughter to the outdoors! She was shocked as it was cold out and she wasn't dressed to be out in the cold for hours so she didn't go out, thought she was mistaken and went back to ask and they confirmed that she had to go out. She and a few others laid out on a cold sidewalk for 2.5 hours! Most horrible travel experience ever!!

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    Must move by 1AM



    (Review by Ngozi) Unfortunately I booked a flight with a 12 hour layover in CLT with American Airlines. I arrived to CLT at 7pm and my outbound flight was at 745am the following morning. I thankfully used this website as a resource ahead of time to learn where the arm rest free chairs were. The majority are at gate B16, underneath a little overpass which keeps the seating area dark and cozy. On the walk down to B16, I noticed gates B4 and B8 also has some arm free chairs, but less in quantity. After my initially scout-out session, I had dinner which kept me occupied until roughly 10pm.

    At this time, I did attempt to ask for a hotel voucher from customer service, but was only given a blue piece of paper to call for “discounted hotels”. I already priced out hotels and the discounted prices given to me were not very “discounted”. They wanted $80 + taxes and fees for the local Wyndham. At this point I knew I was sleeping in the airport for $0. I then proceeded to gate B16 by shortly after 10pm. I was able to quickly grab set of arm free chairs and got to sleeping right away. There were still announcements going on but nothing I couldn’t sleep through. Other folks also came with the same ideas as myself. At 12:48am a kind police officer woke us up and informed us that all the concourses were closing and if we want to stay, we have to go out to the ticketing area. Again bc of this site, I was already aware this might happen. I moved to the ticketing area where SEVERAL people had already camped out on chairs and were sleeping on the floor. I was able to find a chair to sit on, but of course it Had arms. I stayed here until about 1-5am when security opened again. All in all it was an okay experience. One I really plan to not due again. But to save $50-100 on a hotel, eh… Hope this helps someone!!

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