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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Charlotte Douglas Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    New wing open but not especially information friendly



    Pros: New, clean, spacious

    Cons: Flight information NOT sufficient!!

    “Normal” airports allow airlines to post flight information like seat map, standby list, and upgrade list. This allows travelers to explor mor efficient travel options (Think earlier flights). This airport does NOT allow the airline to post information (according to the airline). NOT HELPFUL!!!

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    Still cold



    Pros: The chapel is quiet and there’s not a lot going on on that floor so you won’t be disturbed

    Cons: They pump the air conditioning all night long.

    I spent most of the night in the chapel. I fell asleep, woke up an hour or so later to go warm up, and then I went right back to the chapel. There aren’t many sleeping options besides the chapel.

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    Update bathrooms



    Pros: Attendants in place to keep restroom clean.

    Cons: Men's restrooms

    There is a complete lack of privacy in the men’s restrooms in the E terminal. No dividing walls between urinals.

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    Airside sleeping spot does exist



    Pros: Review is correct, there is a spot by B-16

    Cons: airside only

    As stated in review, there is an acceptable sleeping spot by Gate B16. It is behind the gate desk on the right. NIce little nook where nobody bothered me. I think they keep wheelchairs there, and do not obstruct the locker. This was early in the morning, not overnight, so see other reviews about getting sent back landside at night.

    Other B-Terminal gates are under renovation, I did not see any armrest free seating by B4 or B8.

    Agree with all other comments about CLT.

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    They Turn Off Announcements



    Pros: not as cold as I'd been warned, they turn off announcements, plenty of others also sleeping so you can make a herd

    Cons: you will be sent out to ticketing

    I spent the night of the 28th of April, 2018, in CLT. Having previously read the reviews and the summary of the airport, I brought along a camping sleeping pad for comfort and to protect against what I had been warned to be the cold ground. As promised, I was sent away from airside to landside, but I voluntarily went as soon as security – polite as can be, by the way – asked, “Will you be staying the night with us?” and mentioned that in a few hours I would need to depart airside. I was able to be one of the first to grab a great sleeping spot landside, this way. I recommend that all others who read this review go ahead and after eating dinner head over to landside to snag their primo spot. The spots go quickly.

    What surprised me most was the announcements about unattended baggage and other safety reminders were silenced during the hours that airside was closed. While the lights were still on, and while there were plenty of security walking rounds, at least it was quiet to sleep. I did not need earplugs as I have needed in some other airports.

    They stagger the opening of the TSA security check lines with the A gates having theirs opened at 4 am, the B gates at 5 am, and the E gates at 6 am. The announcements resumed at 4:15 am — so make for a handy alarm.

    I slept from midnight to 4 am landside, and then from 4:30 am to 7:30 am (my flight time) airside. With my sleeping pad, eye mask, pillow, and blanket, I was as comfortable as on any camping trip.

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