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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Addis Ababa Bole Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Best developing airport in Africa



    Pros: Very good connectivity for All Africa

    Cons: Small, dirty washrooms

    Very fast security for transfers, although crowded always…
    a small restaurant, not much choice, but decent food, affordable
    Wifi (free) is as good as not there, payable wifi is good @5$

    Very fast connection of flight to flight under 20mins including your checkin-baggage (unbelievable) though you dont have to go through terminal & security for short time transfers, someone will take you right from flight exit to next flight at airside…. GREAT SERVICE

    If your transfer is long (>2hrs) then you have to go through the terminal and security, huge crowd (as if you are in a small town chinese airport- u will find so many chinese) and dirty washrooms.

    Security asking you to remove even your footwear and Belts is big inconvenience, more so for ladies…

    Etiopian airline staff are THE BEST, always smiling, helping…

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    The worst airport I have encountered



    Pros: None

    Cons: Just about everything

    The toilets were disgusting and grossly inadequate.
    The design of the terminals is so stupid. If you are in transit and decide you need to use the toilet or have a cup of coffee or do some shopping, you then you find you
    have to go through security afterwards, which is slow with long queues. If you do have a cup of coffee etc, you are at risk of losing your connection.
    The airport staff treats the passengers as if they were cattle.
    The airport is exclusively used as a hub by Ethiopian Airlines which are not bad once you are on the plane. The airport is a big put-off for flying Ethiopian. The airline management needs to wake up to the bad experience of Addis Airport.

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    a little bit of an adventure



    Pros: Difficult to explain

    Cons: missing organisation and,and,and,.....

    Terminal 1: It`s not the first time in Addis Ababa, slowly signs of developement appear, but sign boards are not included – ask, look, search! And for the load of passengers arriving the early mornings to change flights for further destinations are in incredible!! Here a perfect organisation with bigger screens and colourmarkers would help.
    Besides – pls be carefull: just answering a mail was enough to load a very expensive bug onto my Smart Phone, even with a very good Anti-Virus Program and and…..! And, after investigations from a european supplier it shows that I wasn,t alone.
    The Coud Nine Lounge was easy going, the sanitary part a bit difficult!

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    Spending Money



    Cons: Food is expensive.

    Terminal 2 – Unable to spend Ethiopian Birr in the departure lounge. The Money exchange would not exchange Birr. US dollars and Euros are accepted.

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    Worst Layover Airport



    Pros: None

    Cons: Many

    The Addis Ababa Airport is extremely ill-suited to passengers with disabilities. While the Ethiopian Airlines gate staff proved willing to assist us, the facility itself is chaotic and extremely un-friendly to anyone with a disability or frailty. The gate number of the flight from Addis to Kilimanjaro was changed twice while we waited to board. We and a hoard of other Kilimanjaro passengers were routed very chaotically down stairs to shuttles to take us to the aircraft. No jetway was provided at the final gate. Therefore, we had to climb the equivalent of two stories up the boarding steps to enter the aircraft. On route to our departing flight, we saw four ground personnel having to carry a man in a wheelchair down two flights of stairs because there was no ramp or elevator to the jetway. I cannot recommend the Addis Ababa Airport as a destination or transit point for passengers. It is generally crowded, noisy, and dirty.

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