Sleeping in Airports

Airport Layover Sightseeing

Airport Layover Sightseeing

We are all familiar with the sinking feeling that occurs when your first flight lands and you realize a 5+-hour layover awaits you. You have brought a book and maybe some music to listen to, but you just know that after hour number three, you will begin to purchase strange things at duty free, and eat your weight in mediocre airport food.

This may be a familiar situation – but thankfully, it’s not necessary! We’re here with a series of tips and tricks to allow you to turn your dreaded long layover into exciting mini-vacation! Rather than purchasing an overly expensive pair of sunglasses, re-route those funds to exploring the city you’re flying through!

After doing this once or twice, you may even consider seeking out those long layovers in order to stretch your vacation just a little bit longer.

So – as you prepare for a five (or more) hour layover, check these ideas about how you can use up that time in an effective and exciting way.