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The Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports and the Cheap Like Me Travel Society are the demented concoctions of a Canadian woman, who had too much time on her hands back in 1996.  

It all really started in the summer of 1994 when Donna McSherry, a then travel agent, travelled to Ireland and Northern Ireland.  The following year, she ventured off to Switzerland.  During these trips, she slept in the airport prior to her early flight back home to save money on hotels (and ensure she didn't sleep in and miss her flight). 

In 1996, she was teaching herself web design when she jokingly created a titled the "Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports". The page consisted her airport sleeping tips and her 3 airport reviews (Dublin, Frankfurt and Geneva). Eventually other travellers started sending in their airport reviews. In more recent years, the site launched hundreds of airport guides full of useful information such as lounges, wifi, lockers, showers, and more.

Since the time the site began, travel has changed. Sleeping in airports is no longer just for the young budget traveller looking to save a few bucks. People of all ages and incomes can now be seen stretched out on airport seats and floors all around the world. Whether they are there because of a long layover, flight delay or voluntarily to save money, the Guide to Sleeping in Airports has proven to be a useful (and often humourous) resource for millions of travellers.

Today, a small team of researchers, writers and an illustrator work to keep the Guide to Sleeping in Airports up-to-date and informative in our own fun way!

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