Sleeping in Airports

Airport Adventures

Airport AdventuresFrom the hilarious to the horrifying, here is a collection of traveller airport adventures and misadventures from members of the SleepingInAirports community.

That feeling of being on the brink of a meltdown in an airport is hardly a unique one. Whether it comes from multiple flight delays and re-routes or being harshly awoken in the middle of the night by airport staff, the adventures and misadventures we experience are both unique and universal. Read this section for a laugh and some comfort with the realization that your situation may not be so bad.

Warning: Many of these adventures date back to the 90s/2000s when conditions at many airports were rougher and security less intense.  A few of these adventures contain “colourful” language and situations that may be offensive to some people. If you are someone who is easily offended or requires trigger warnings: this is it!   You can click here to escape or proceed with a grain of salt, a bit of nerve and a sense of humour!