Sleeping in Airports

Airport Adventures: Hammerfest Airport

by Maíre

I knocked on a wildly chosen door, asking some stranger for help.

“Now, I don’t really think anyone else would even CONSIDER sleeping over at the airport in small-town Hammerfest (I’m surprised they even HAD an airport) but my situation was kind of desperate since I was suddenly stuck in this town of 9000 inhabitants, knowing no-one. I couldn’t reach a hotel, since there were no buses after 7pm(!), so I decided to stay over at this pixie-sized airport. There were about two people at work there, so I didn’t think it’d be a problem …until I made my first contact with the seats …talking about Economy-class… Upstairs (yes, there is a second floor, but it’s small…) there were only hard, uncomfy stools, so I was forced to lie down at one of the smelly, hard couches in the arrival/check-in area. I had just managed to relax after finding out that the so-called café had been closed down for a year, when someone tapped on my shoulder. The airport is locked up and abandoned at night, so I, poor git, found myself in liliput-land, with no place to go. so, at two a.m. in the night, I knocked on a wildly chosen door, asking some stranger for help, and the man, good soul, actually gave me a lift to a hostel, where I slept over night…”

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