Sleeping in Airports

Airport Adventures: Adelaide Airport

by a traveller

she smothered shaving cream up and down her legs and shaved her legs leaning over the dustbin

“weird things happen while waiting for a delayed plane to undelay itself for 7 hours at the most. passengers coming off the plane, hair all over the place, kids grumpy as anything.. enough for you to run and hide (not that my kids behaved like that! yeah right!!!). well the most weird thing i ever saw was a lady who was waiting at the same delayed plane terminal as myself and she had to go straight to a meeting once she got to her destination delayed or not. she was the manager of the company she worked for, probably marketing of some sort with the amount of shaving cream she put onto herself while waiting ot board. no kidding! this lady was running late for her plane. the taxi was late. anyhow, cos we werent going anywhere she decided to groom herself right next to me. brushing her hair and sticking rollers in was fine. brusing teeth and rinsing her mouth out with bottled spring water and spitting it out into the dustbin was a tiny bit fine but when she pulled off her tracksuit to show her undies and bras i tried hard not to look. my kids were making commments about “what is she doing mummy?” did she forget to dress? she put on her office outfit before she put on her stockings, got out a razor and i thought oh no no way! she smothered shaving cream up and down her legs and shaved her legs leaning over the dustbin to pour yet another bottle of spring water over the disposable razor to rinse it and shave away! i just picked up my belongions and just left saying to her there is a time and place to do that, not here in front of children! needless to say security saw what happened and made their way down to her and carted her off for indecent disposure! i thought that it was disgusting she made the flight and glared at me! so there u go really bad!!”

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