Sleeping in Airports

Airport Adventures: Prague Airport

by chunk moleman

I was shouted at in chec for about an hour and then cavity searched, not once but twice.

“After visiting prague in the chec republic for a week it was time to leave. it was probably the most hair raising journey to the airport of my life by a disabled taxi driver- who really shouldn’t have been at the wheel.

anyway On arrival at the terminal the weather turned for the worse and it started to snow. We got through to the departure lounge and were informed of a delay of 2 hours, seeing as i had been clubbing all night i settled down to sleep listening to my mini disk player. I chose a bench to sleep on made of savage cast iron, and started my uncomfortable slumber. I awoke 3 hours later to see the barrel of an AK47 in my face, and my mates all hand cuffed lying on the floor. I was roughly thrown on the the most horrifically filthy floor and cuffed too, on the floor i managed to identify a decaying rat carcus in the corner.

We were all separated and hustled into separate rooms, i was shouted at in chec for about an hour and then cavity searched, not once but twice… after my raping (and walking fairly awkwardly) I was left in a room by myself for a while so i fell asleep, again. I awoke to a massive woman built like a big outdoor toilet who batted me around the head with a metal detector, which broke, so she shouted at me even more and in fact was joined by a shifty man in a suit who also shouted at me for a bit, i think they just took it in turns. again i was left in this cupboard size room that was easily as cold as ice, and again fell asleep or began to die of hypothermia, either way i lost consciousness.

eight hours later we were released one by one and we gathered at our original seats to work out what just happened. It was still snowing hard so our flight had not left yet so that was good.

On chatting to my mates it turned out one of them was roaming the lounge holding his CD player he walked past the gift shop and the guards assumed he had stolen it and arrested all of us, and cavity searched us for it to. not sure why really. luckily our flight was soon cleared to go and we were happy to be leaving, we were escorted to the plane by armed guards, which raised a fair few eye brows and meant everyone stared at us the whole flight. nice place really.”

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