Sleeping in Airports

Airport Adventures: London Heathrow Airport

by Davey

I must have been asleep for at least 30 minutes before I was awaken by a heavy jolt and the sound of a shout.

“(Terminal 4) – The only good thing about London Heathrow terminal 4 is that planes leave from there to fly to Australia. I was due to fly home at about midday one Thursday. I had handed the keys to my flat back the previous day so I had nowhere to sleep. I was determined not to pay the high prices at one of the nearby hotels…… I thought “Sleep at the airport………cant be that bad”


I got to the airport quite late, and somewhat the worse for wear due to the few beers I’d consumed over the past 12 hours or so. I staggered in and looked for something to eat. There was a vending machine with some potato chips, chocolate bars and other tasty looking stuff in. I didn’t mind paying the extortionate prices as 1. I was drunk 2. I was starving. After spending approx £7 on the sort of stuff that could induce a hypoglycemic coma I wandered off to find somewhere to sleep.

The choices were …uncomfortable seats or the floor. I decided on the uncomfortable seats. During a period of approx 3 hrs I was woken approx 10 times by Security Staff/Tannoy announcements/arguing passengers and bleeping mobile sweepers. Enough was enough and I tried to find somewhere else.

I found a carpeted area near a little cafe (that was closed) There were about 4 other weary travellers asleep on the grimy looking floor. I found a vacant plot, put my backpack on the floor as a pillow and lay down.

I must have been asleep for at least 30 minutes before I was awaken by a heavy jolt and the sound of a shout. I screamed and sat up. I had been run over by one of the afore mentioned bleeping mobile carpet sweepers, driven by what appeared to be a non English speaking “economic migrant” for want of a better description. After a few minutes of abuse towards him Security arrived. Sadly they decided that it was my fault for sleeping on the floor and threatened to make me leave the terminal. I pretty much gave up at that point and spent the rest of the night smoking.

That night I estimate I had about 45 minutes of sleep MAX! During the rest of the time I was hassled by the staff, ripped off by the vending machine prices and finally run over by a carpet sweeper. NEVER TRY TO SAVE MONEY BY “SLEEPING” AT LONDON HEATHROW TERMINAL 4!!!!!!”

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