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Bogota Airport Layover Sightseeing

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bogota layover sightseeing
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The capital of Colombia is known for its Andean viewpoints, fantastic cuisine and world-famous coffee. The airport is around 14km from the city’s main attractions so just a quick taxi journey is needed to pack some sightseeing into your Bogota layover. Make the most of artisan markets, authentic street food and free museums. Keep reading our Bogota Airport Layover Sightseeing guide to discover more!

Airport Overview

Bogota airport is reported to be clean and modern with plenty of shopping and food outlets available. There’s free drinking water on offer throughout the building and you can even buy lounge access to upgrade your layover experience! If sleeping in the airport isn’t your thing, there are nearby hotels that offer a free shuttle service. For more details, check out our Bogota Airport Guide.

Bogota Sightseeing Attractions


Bogota has some brilliant museums on offer, most of which are cheap or free. A crowd favourite is Museo Botero, a display of artist Botero’s best work. His style is to make everyday objects and people comically out of proportion, from swollen fruit bowls to spoofs of famous paintings. The gallery also features art from Picasso, Monet and Salvador Dali – an absolute must-visit.
There’s a gold museum in nearly every large town in Colombia and Bogota’s certainly doesn’t disappoint. You can fill many hours here or just sample some sections, depending on the length of your stopover.

  • Time required: Anything from one hour to multiple days.
  • How to get there: Check out this Google Map for details on transport from the airport to Museo Botero. Most museums are within a short walking distance from here.
  • Plan your visit: Details for museums in Bogota can be found on Tripadvisor.

Walking food tour

If you’ve got the best part of a day available, learning about the history of Bogota whilst enjoying an array of Colombian delicacies is a great way to explore. If you can’t find a tour that fits your layover timings, you could do this self-guided as well! The historical hotspots include Plaza de Bolívar, Palacio de San Carlos, Teatro Colón and Plaza del Chorro de Quevedo in La Candelaria district.

  • Time required: 3 hours to a full day.
  • How to get there: Check out this Google Map for details on transport from the airport to Plaza de Bolívar.
  • Plan your visit: For tip-based walking tours, check out VE Mundo on Free Tour. Other food tours can be found on Tripadvisor.


Monserrate is a mountain overlooking Bogota and home to a religious sanctuary. Whether you’re there to visit the cathedral or just walk the cobbled pathways, there’s no denying this place holds a feeling of tranquillity. It’s an ideal place to stop for a coffee and take in the views of the city, particularly at sunset. You can take the funicular or cable car up the mountain (which depends on availability and weather conditions on the day) which is a short but scenic ride through lush green hillside.

  • Time required: A few hours.
  • How to get there: Check out this Google Map for details on transport from the airport to Monserrate.
  • Plan your visit: Information about Monserrate Hill and funicular/cable car tickets can be found on the official Monserrate website or visit Tripadvisor to read traveller reviews.

Airport Transportation

The simplest transport option for your Bogota layover is a taxi but there is public transport available too. Buses have a dedicated lane in the city which means they avoid traffic at busy times of day.

  • Bus: The number 16-14 bus takes you free of charge from the airport to El Dorado Station. This is a large transport hub and connecting buses to various parts of the city can be found here.
  • Taxi: Licensed taxis are coloured yellow and white. You receive a voucher from the taxi booths stating your destination and the price to pay at the end of the journey.

Before You Go: Layover Tips

Now that you are motivated and excited about your mini layover vacation, just make sure to check a few final logistical concerns off your list before you fully commit.

  • Do you need to organize a visa to leave the airport? Requirements change frequently and for each nationality, so be sure to seek out current details on the availability, cost and procedures of obtaining a transit visa.
  • When is your next flight’s check-in time? Make sure you double-check with your airline exactly when you need to be at the airport – and plan your layover accordingly.
  • What are security wait times like at the airport? Some airports are notorious for long security wait times, so be sure to do a bit of research in advance and factor that into your overall time budget.
  • What’s happening with your luggage? When you check in to your first flight, be sure to confirm whether your luggage is checked through or needs to be picked up between your connecting flights.

Other Useful Resources

Finally, here are a few handy resources to help you plan your layover even more thoroughly: