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Dublin Airport Layover Sightseeing

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dublin airport layover sightseeing
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Known for its music, its friendly and hospitable people, and fascinating legends and tales, Ireland is one of the most beloved countries in the world. This country has five international airports, but the largest one is Dublin, conveniently located 11 km north of the city centre. If you ever find yourself on a long layover here, you cannot miss the chance to venture outside of the airport and see what Ireland’s capital has to offer!

Airport Overview

If your layover is short and you don’t want to risk it, don’t despair. You can still have a comfortable experience at Dublin Airport. Pass the time shopping in its many boutiques, selling Irish products such as high-quality whiskey and featuring fashion brands, ranging from Jo Malone London to Estée Lauder. If your wallet isn’t in the mood for shopping, you can grab a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants and cafés in the airport or simply enjoy the free WiFi available throughout the building. For more information on the airport itself, check out our Dublin Airport Guide.

Dublin Sightseeing Attractions

Below are a few of the top things to do in Dublin during your layover:

Hop-on Hop-off Buses

Hop-on Hop-off buses are always a great choice as they allow you to see the main city landmarks without worrying about transportation. Stops include Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Temple Bar and more. Prices start from about 30 euros and increase depending on the type of ticket you want to buy. Visit TripAdvisor to compare tours and read traveller reviews.

Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol
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Kilmainham Gaol is one of the most popular attractions in Dublin and for good reasons. This used to be a former prison and it was here that several Irish revolutionaries were imprisoned and executed under orders of the UK government. Throughout the years, this place came to symbolize the Irish long struggle for independence from the British. Today, Kilmainham Gaol serves as a museum. Here you will learn everything about the prisoners’ daily lives while also refreshing your memory on Irish history and its perpetual fight against its neighbour, the UK.

  • How to get there: Kilmainham Gaol is slightly outside Dublin city centre. To reach it you can either take a bus to Dublin Heuston and enjoy a 20-minute walk, or go to the city centre and rely on public transport. Check out this Google Map link for details on public and private transit options, and the associated time required.
  • Time Required: Tours here last for about an hour, so give yourself at least 90 minutes to visit this place.
  • Plan your visit: Visit TripAdvisor for more information about visiting Kilmainham Gaol, book a tour or read traveller reviews.

Guinness Storehouse

If you are a Guinness fan, you cannot miss the chance to see the official home of the world’s most famous stout. Learn about the life of its creator, Arthur Guinness, enjoy the self-guided tour, check out the tasting room, and get a refreshing pint of Guinness while admiring the view from the terrace of the building.

  • How to get there: Head to Dublin Heuston and enjoy a 15-minute walk to reach the Guinness storehouse.
  • Time Required: The tour is self-guided, however, we suggest you budget at least 90 minutes here.
  • Plan your visit: Visit TripAdvisor for more information about visiting the Guinness Storehouse, book a tour or read traveller reviews.

Trinity College

Trinity College
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Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest university and it was here that famous people such as Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett were educated. Visits to this establishment are free, so you can simply grab your favourite book and a cup of coffee along the way and enjoy your time in one of the many green areas surrounding this fascinating building. If you are a bookworm, don’t miss the chance to visit the Long Room, a stunning library home to over 200,000 books. Also make sure to check the famous Book of Kells, one of the oldest books in the world, dating back to the 9th century.

  • How to get there: Trinity College is located right in the city centre. Opt for any of the buses departing from Dublin Airport and you will be there in about 20 to 40 minutes.
  • Time Required: This largely depends on what you want to see. Visits can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.
  • Plan your visit: Visit TripAdvisor for more information about visiting Trinity College, book a tour or read traveller reviews.

Swords Castle and Rivervalley Park Swords

swords castle
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If you’ve already seen Dublin and prefer to opt for a crowds-free layover, Swords Castle is the ideal choice. With over 800 years of history, this is your chance to visit a typical ancient Irish castle, while avoiding the stress and crowds in Dublin. After your visit, you can grab a bite to eat in one of the many lovely restaurants in Swords or enjoy a stroll at Rivervalley Park.

  • How to get there: Several buses operate from Dublin Airport to Swords town. Here is a link to Google Maps to check your options.
  • Time Required: Admission to Swords Castle is free, so you can decide to stay as much as you want. If you are opting for a slow-pace experience in Sword make sure to budget at least five hours.
  • Plan your visit: Visit TripAdvisor for more information about visiting Swords Castle, to book a tour or read traveller reviews.

Airport Transportation

Buses to Dublin city centre depart from outside terminals 1 and 2 and take from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the final stop and bus company. Here are some of the many bus companies you can choose from:

  • Dublin Express: This is one of the fastest companies to reach Dublin city centre. Departing from both terminals, Dublin Express stops in several places in the city and has multiple buses, operating every hour. A ticket with them will cost you about 8 euros.
  • Aircoach: This is another popular option. This company is slightly cheaper, with a ticket costing 7 euros, but is a bit slower, taking you to the city centre in about 30 to 45 minutes.
  • The Dublin Airport website has more information on all the buses available.

If you prefer to travel with a bit more comfort, you can opt for a taxi. This will cost you from 25 to 40 euros depending on which area of Dublin you want to see. Taxi ranks are located outside both terminals, so you will just have to follow the signs.

Before You Go: Layover Tips

Now that you are motivated and excited about your mini layover vacation, just make sure to check a few final logistical concerns off your list before you fully commit.

  • Do you need to organize a visa to leave the airport? Requirements change frequently and for each nationality, so be sure to seek out current details on the availability, cost and procedures of obtaining a transit visa.
  • When is your next flight’s check-in time? Make sure you double-check with your airline exactly when you need to be at the airport – and plan your layover accordingly.
  • What are security wait times like at the airport? Some airports are notorious for long security wait times, so be sure to do a bit of research in advance and factor that into your overall time budget.
  • What’s happening with your luggage? When you check in to your first flight, be sure to confirm whether your luggage will be checked through or needs to be picked up between your connecting flights.  Check out our Dublin Airport Guide for information on luggage storage.

Other Useful Resources

Finally, here are a few handy resources to help you plan your layover even more thoroughly: