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New fitness center, with instructor-led classes, to open in Heathrow Airport

Ever missed a workout thanks to a long day of air travel? Tired of trying to hit your steps with a fifth lap through the duty-free? Or, maybe those neck kinks got the best of you so you spread out in a quiet corner to stretch.

If you can relate to any of these situations, Heathrow Airport (LHR) has you in mind.

The busiest airport in the UK, Heathrow recently announced a partnership with FlyFit, a brand new wellness and fitness studio. FlyFit will operate an in-airport fitness center, slated to open in autumn 2017. The studio will provide on-demand strength, cardio, and restorative yoga sessions as well as instructor-led classes, a world first for airport facilities.

While we don’t know what entry fees look like yet, Heathrow and FlyFit say the studio will be a “premium, yet accessible, reality for travelers”.

Workout clothing will be available for rent, which is great, especially if you packed lightly or checked your own workout gear. The fitness center will also offer shower facilities and health food options.

The FlyFit studio will be located in Terminal 2: the Queen’s Terminal, rounding out the modern conveniences and innovations of the airport’s newest terminal. Its location after security means it may not be accessible to travellers in Heathrow’s other three terminals.

Article by Christina Kidd
Photo Credit: expressiovisual / fotolia

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