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Social Media Fails

7 People Who Landed Themselves In A Social Media Mess

One of our recent articles — 7 Ways To Get Banned From Flying — told how United passenger Chris Roberts tweeted his intention to hack into his aircraft’s flight computers. Once alerted to the content of his Twitter...

guide to wifi in the sky

A Guide to WiFi in the Sky

Updated 29 January 2015 Travellers are demanding more from airlines these days and nowhere more so than with wifi during their in-flight experience. So here’s an update on the wifi and costs offered on airlines...

US Airways crossdresser

Man flys US Airways in bra and panties

A man who flies US Airways wearing women’s undergarments says that he does so to make business travel more fun.  Well, that is certainly one way, I suppose. The 65-year-old Phoenix man works as a business...