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Westjet Christmas Miracle

WestJet’s Blue Santa Spreads Cheer Again!

For the third year running, West Jet has kicked off the holiday season by spreading plenty of cheer with Blue Santa. Having sparked the holiday spirit in Canada in previous years, this year, the company looked abroad. Working in partnership with Live Different, a Canadian-based charity, the airline flew their celebrated Blue Santa down to the Dominican Republic with a sleigh full of gifts and snow.

The community of Nuevo Renacer, located just outside of Puerto Plata, was treated to a day of wonder as they shared their wishes with a Spanish-speaking Santa Claus over a screen displayed in a sleigh. But of course, the real magic and surprise came when Santa arrived with a special delivery the following day! To see the reactions, you’ll have to watch the video…

WestJet and Live Different have been partners since 2012. During this time, over 200 WestJet employees have volunteered with the organization, building homes and basketball courts for small communities. In planning for this celebration, WestJet also released a behind-the-scenes video called “Why we did it” to provide insight into the making of this day. It tells a story about the connection between the airline, the community and the charity.

This video was a great international spin on last year’s video, when WestJet had passengers tell Blue Santa their wishes before departing from Toronto and Hamilton. They then dispatched teams to madly shop for the gifts, delivering them to passengers on arrival in Calgary. Really, if you haven’t seen the video, you have to watch it.

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