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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Paris Beauvais – Tille Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Très agréable !



    Pros: simple et clair

    Cons: controles impressionnants

    J’ai utilisé il y a quelques mois l’aéroport de Beauvais, le terminal 2 : contrairement à d’autres aéroports, j’ai tout de suite trouvé la zone d’enregistrement, et la banque de mon vol.

    j’y est trouvé tout ce dont j’avais besoin : des toilettes propres, un bon petit déj’, le wifi gratuit, du personnel accueillant.

    le seul hic, une file très longue pour passer les contrôles de sécurité qui s’est allongée d’un coup, je me suis dis que j’aurai dû arriver plus tôt, mais finalement, elle avançait plutôt vite, j’ai même eu le temps d’acheter un souvenir pour mes enfants avant d’embarquer.. à l’heure !

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    A human size airport



    The airport of Paris-Beauvais is a family airport, with a human size. I was not delayed when I was at the airport. The signage is clear and I don’t lose time to know where I have to go. Some efforts are still to be made but already a lot of fittings for the comfort of the passengers were done.

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    Amélioration au niveau de l’accueil



    I went to the Airport last September and my last travel was last year. In a year, I shall say that some changes are positive such as signs to help passengers to reach terminals or shuttle stations, the new website that allows to get new products such as fast-track that I bought and used on my last trip and it was very effective to use it and overall, new bathrooms in T1. These items and many others give some good perspective for this airport in the future. Even if there are some aspects to improve, I shall recommend any of my relatives to get there to travel in one of the several cities in Europe that we can visit.

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    Pros: Accès rapide sans le dedal des Gds aéroports comme chaque destination il faut prévoir son séjour ou ses déplacements. Et ce n est pas pire qu' ailleurs. Il nien avoir à l esprit que aeroport accueil des compagnies à bas coup!

    Cons: L accès aux avions se fait à l exterieur. Mais là aussi c est un petit aéroport à taille humaine. Valable pour les 2 terminaux

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    I did my homework



    (Review by US Guest) Terminal 1 – Thank God for Sleeping in Airports website. I’m equipped with information, even though I was so nervous travelling to France for the first time. We planned our Europe tour for just one week. My sister in law suggested this airport for cheap airfare. Me and my two daughters got the last flight of the day, arrived at BVA around 11:30PM. Since I read here that this airport closes at night, we got our hotel reservation at Ibis hotel. Then, we met the rest of our family the next morning, refreshed. The only problem we had was to figure out where was the shuttle bus stop for Beauvais. The people at the airport has a limited English. The airport is 5 min away from Ibis Hotel, but if you take the shuttle bus it’s about 20 min, because the J. Goddet stop seems to be the last stop.

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