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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Paris Beauvais – Tille Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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  • Don’t even plan on staying a night here



    Pros: Nothing

    Cons: Closing time, rude staff, bad WiFi, few places to eat, ...

    I had two layovers from Porto, Portugal to Worclaw, Poland at this airport and it was the worst idea ever.

    I did not knew this website at the time, because if I did, this airport position in the worst airports at the time (the only one of Europe in the list) would have been a hint to not do what we did.

    First, on our way to Poland for a student conference, we had a layover of 8 hours. I decided to work a bit, which was the worst idea ever because there are no power outlets, unless you count the two in the coffee place that everyone fights for and for which you have to buy something to sit. Every 30 minutes you had to log in again to have Wi fi. I think at the time, I cheated the system (or it was just not working), because it said I could only get a few times the 30 minutes, but I managed to get them all day. There are almost no chairs on the landside to sit, no stores, nothing basically besides that café. You can try and visit Beauvais but still one of the worst layovers.

    During that pleasant 8 hour stay at the airport, we verified that it closes during the night. That screwed all our plans, since on the way back we arrived at 10/11pm and left back to Portugal at 8am. Immediately we asked the staff at the tiny info desk about it, and they booked for us a terrible, awful F1 Hotel nearby. It was the first and last time some airport personnel was nice and not rude (except for the café workers, they know what people suffer).

    On our way back, one week after, we landed and immediately got to the shuttle bus stop to get to the Hotel. Everything and everyone had left and the airport looked like a desert, with the few remaining people starting to be “kicked out”. The shuttle was really late and being the last one, we were already thinking we would have to sleep at the airport doors from the outside. Finally the shuttle came and we manage to have a night of sleep. In the morning, luggage drop took forever and passing security was hell. Just by looking at me you could see I had a cold, with a fever and even in that state, they made me take out my shoes and pretty much all the layers of clothes I had. I can understand this part, but then I don’t understand the part where they decided to talk about whatever was on the news instead of giving me my shoes and clothes back (the roller carpet was keeping them where I could not reach them) and then got mad when I started asking for help to reach them that they decided to inspect all my luggage with me still barefoot.

    Worst experience ever!!! Do not even fly through this airport, either layover or to get to Paris. The Ryanair prices are tempting but the time you waste getting to Paris, the way you are treated and the conditions do not pay off the 10/20€ you can save. Do not make the mistakes we did!!

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    Petit aéroport très pratique pour éviter ceux de paris



    Pros: facile et pratique, pas cher

    Cons: pas un grand choix de restauration

    Je ne comprends pas l'article sur le classement mondial de Beauvais tillé. Je préfère au contraire cet aéroport à Charles de gaulle. Très facile d accès en voiture pas d embouteillage, facile en dépose minute, parking P4 longue durée abordable. Pas un grand choix de restauration dans l aéroport mais c'est un aéroport pour compagnie low cost, ce qui compte c est la sécurité et le prix des vols et du parking.
    Aéroport bien organisé, il y avait du monde mais en même temps il y avait plusieurs agents aux guichets donc les contrôles ont vite passé, aussi pour la récupération des bagages, c'était assez rapide !!
    Petit aéroport très pratique pour éviter ceux de paris….pas mal de pays et destinations desservis.

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    Very nice experience



    Pros: Simple and easy airport

    Cons: Crowded

    I have a positive feedback of Wizzair and Beauvais airport.

    Paris Beauvais is a simple and easy airport no so far from Paris.

    Very convenient access from/to Paris center with the shuttle service provided by the airport, stucked to flights, so you cannot miss your bus.

    Good restaurant in Terminal 2. I had a home-made cheeseburger and a beer for 15 euros and staff was very friendly there.

    Good experience through the security checks and the boarding gates. It was crowded but well organised. We took off on time.

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    Paris Beauvais – Tille Airport Review



    Small airport but with good facilities. Airport is closed during the night, so it’s obviously not the best place to sleep.

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    Paris Beauvais – Tille Airport Review



    Terminal 2 – Honestly it’ s not an airport to sleep since they close at night but service is fast people are friendly there is à Starbucks a duty they change à lot in positive since my last trip ! Easy to travel

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