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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Rome Ciampino Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Sleeping at night outside is impossible during winter



    Pros: Wifi , easy to navigate

    Cons: Airport closes at night - sleeping at night is impossible during winter

    So, I will repeat what most people already have mentioned, that the airport closes between 00:30 and 04:00 am. I guess, passengers should ask before and be informed about that, but nevertheless that remains a very negative aspect of this airport, that’s why my rating is so low. I tried to sleep outside , but that was i impossible, even with 4 layers of clothes and a coat. Wifi is powerful, so I give one star for that. Toilets were also clean. Overall, if you are young (I would say between 18-30) and do not mind not to sleep between 00:30-04:00, it is possible to stay at the airport (to be exact outside the airport). If you have children or are older (60+) I would not recommend it.

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    Mobile Charge



    Pros: Many plugs and also optional USB

    Cons: Only one spot

    Inside the main terminal and in front of the Change or Bureau of Exchange I found a Recharging station with many plugs and also USP input, the electricity worked pretty well and charged my phone from 35% to 65% within 20 minutes.

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    Bad experience



    The airport was closed between 12:00-4:00 in the morning. So you get to stay in the street with a lot of people and two army men. If you have a 6:30 flight, the only other option is to get a cab- which is at least 30 euros

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    Ciampino update – avoid at all costs



    (Guest Review by Marco) I had slept at CIA before, but last night it was the first time in which I saw the airport lockdown actually implemented. Around 30/40 passengers have been ushered outside in near freezing temperatures between 00.30 (closure of arrivals terminal) and 03.50 (actual opening of departure terminal). Might be feasible in summertime and/or if you have a sleeping bag, but too harsh for me. Next time I'll take a bed in a dorm at Termini.

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    Escape this airport



    Departures – The worst experience I had in my life. I suppose that me and all the people who were there this horrible night were not the first and won't be the last, who were thrown out from the airport after midnight. This is the reason I am writing this review, hopping that others won't experience the same inhuman attitude. Me and my boyfriend went to the airport at 24:00,since we had an early morning flight. When we entered we were told that the airport is closing and that we have to go outside and wait till 4:00. We and many other people who had come early were literally thrown out of the airport, while the staff remained inside and all the lights were on. Now imagine people checked out from their hotels earlier in order not to be late, because transportation to the airport is just awfully organised and when came were told that should wait 4 hours outside in winter at night. At least they could announce that the airport is closed during that hours, because this is not something usual that people should know. (Ex. in Switzerland the airport is being closed, but they don't throw out people like rubbish late at night on cold winter days.) And what they showed to us as an announcement was a small piece of paper on the window. Seriously you believe that when a tourist arrives in the airport and passes the doors, after he goes back to find that small sheet of paper on the window?! Are you serious?! Let's be honest you put it not to make people aware, but to say: " Oh, look here is a tiny sheet of paper that says that we are closed". I would like to see the Manager/ Director whoever of that hotel and ask if he himself has seen that paper. This is a inhuman behaviour, letting people, most importantly children outside, when there is no place to go nearby, there are no taxis and no buses and it is so cold that the best option is just to get a cold. Disappointed so much, they ruined all the good impression one gets at the beginning. So immoral!

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