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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Tenerife South – Los Cristianos Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    WH Smith!



    In the departure lounge bought food for the flight home in WH Smith. Sandwiches looked full of fillings but when opened there was no filling behind the stickers which cover most of the front of box. This is an absolute joke as spent €27 on 3 meal deals and all sandwiches were the same. Best before date still had 6 days on them but the ingredients were disgusting and would have been rancid in 6 days! AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! Waste of money!

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    No possibility of comfortable sleep



    Pros: Safe, clean, open 24 hrs

    Cons: Uncomfortable benches, strong light, loud speakers

    I stayed here overnight with my boyfriend from like 21.00 till 6.30. Landside the only comfortable place to sleep is the top floor of the burger king (they have a couple of comfortable sofas) BUT it is fenced off for the night so you kinda need to sneak in. Other than that you only have not so comfortable metal benches with a thin padding but you can find some that have a table in the middle and don’t have armrests. It’s not more than 10 of those landside. Unfortunately, they are situated in the check-in area so you have bright lights all night over your head. Also every 20 minutes you hear a very irritating announcement that you are not allowed to smoke in the airport building. I felt safe, the guards came to check our IDs once, bhr the airport staff doesn’t really get the idea of sleeping at the airport because the guy washing floors with a machine was driving around us the whole night and the lady who cleaned the trash seemed fo purposely be veeeery loud. Landside there is one food place opened 24 hrs and you have a lot of power sockets – not a problem to charge something. There’s a lot of them situated near the floor level in the check-in area. Airside ALL benches have armrest except for a few sofas. There is also less power sockets. There is a 24 hrs place to eat

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    OK – Upstairs in BK saves it



    Pros: Some comfy seats, friendly staff, decent food

    Cons: Cold at night, hard surfaces, nowhere to buy food overnight

    Spent 25 hours here, felt safe and relatively comfortable the whole time. Upstairs of Burger King has big flat couches which are great to sleep on, but only when it’s closed. There’s a cafe outside with good food at reasonable prices for an airport, but it’s not open too late.

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  • My first sleeping at the airport



    We arrived at airport at 23:45 and in our private house isn't possible checkin after 10 p.m. So it's super chance to discover sleeping on airport. Sleeping in arrivals hall is prohibided, so we went to public part of airport. We tried good spot in the last review. 3 of 4 was occupied. This good spot was really good. But you must have blanket or jacket like a matress, because floor is cold. Benches aren't so comfortable, but if you don't have any jacket it's better than lying on the floor. Sounds from speakers was in operational, but we fell asleep in a while because we were very tired. Free 24h WiFi (after some personal information) was super for streaming music or searching some travel info. Vending machines aren't a cheapest variant for buy drinks, but every shop at the airport is closed. A lots of shops was closed to 10 a.m. including shop with bono bus card. It's better than I expected.

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    Awful night



    (Guest Review by Pablin) Departures – Airport lights on all night, not only the speakers are announcing stuff every half hour or so but a guy polishing the floor with the electric floor polisher makes sleeping Imposible, that's why I'm writing this review instead of sleeping. There are a couple of "good spots" below the 3 ladders that go to the first floor. With a trolley and some luggage you can build a pretty decent spot however they are taken quite early.

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