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Bangor Airport Guide

bangor airport guide

In this section you will find traveller airport reviews as well as our Bangor Airport Guide with info on WiFi, lounges, facilities and services....and yes, even the name of a hotel near the airport in case you decide that sleeping in the airport is not for you!

My earplugs could not block out the announcements; however, my ipod with the type of earbuds that seals your ears in could. - dynamodp3

Airport Overview

To help you plan your layover or overnight sleepover, we are here to give you the low-down on what travellers have reported back to us during their time at Bangor International Airport.

What to Expect

  • A small airport with minimal shopping and dining options.
  • Layovers or cancellations are largely due to inclimate weather. Overnight stays due to flight connection times or public transportation schedules.
  • The airport turns into a virtual ghost town after the last flights roll in. All airport shops and services close at night.
  • The airport provides free WiFi. See WiFi in the airport guide below.

Where to Sleep

  • Although the airport closes at 1:00AM, reviewers report being allowed to sleep in the airport overnight with no interference from airport staff.
  • Due to the lack of armrest-free seating, reviewers that chose to stay in the airport had to sleep on the floor. One creative reviewer set up camp on airport grounds outside of the terminal.
  • Loud overhead TVs and obnoxious overhead announcements continue well into the night. Have your earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones handy!
  • There is a hotel connected to the airport by an enclosed skywalk. See Airport Hotels below.

Good to Know

  • Blankets, pillows, snacks, earplugs and sleep mask were on the wish list for travellers sleeping at Bangor Airport.
  • Shops, fast food restaurants and a grocery store are located within walking distance of the airport. A Dollar Tree convenience store is located near the airport entrance.

For more information about the services and facilities available, scroll down to continue exploring our BangorAirport Guide. Send us your airport tips to help us keep this information up to date.

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Bangor Airport Information

In this guide we may refer to locations as "landside" and "airside". Landside is the public area of the terminal located in the non-secure zone, before security. Airside is the secure area of the terminal that you must reach by going through security.

Airport Lounges

There are no pay-per-use lounges.

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Airport WiFi / Internet

Free WiFi is available at Bangor Airport. Connect in the main terminal area.

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Airport Hotels