Review on New York City JFK

by web-administrator (September, 2014)

Pros: -
Cons: -

(email submission) I (female / 30) stayed overnight at JFK, Terminal 1 in Sep14 as I had to catch an early flight from Terminal 7. There were other people hanging around (maybe around 30 people but could have been more). The few benches were already taken but I had a folding sit mat with me so that it didnt get cold on the floor where I sat. It was very quiet between midnight & early morning as there werent any flights during that time. I had a good rest although it got quite cold at some point. Luckily the Dunkin Donuts was open all night, so I could get something hot to drink when I got up. All in all I dont regret having stayed there as I saved a lot of money for the hotel plus the taxi drive (as I would not have taken the subway in the early hours). I definitely felt safe at the airport.

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Cold and loud

by evertkhorus (December, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Landside
Pros: Wif, safe
Cons: Cold, loud, little seats

I had to change airports in Buenos Aires in the middle of the night and ended up sleeping at the domestic airport before flying to Ushuaia. This is a small airport and there is very little seating and many people who want sleep there. I used the wifi for a while in the cafetaria area and then lied down on the cold floor for the rest of the night, behig one of the shop for a bit more quiet. It was old, uncomfortable and the crowd was not quiet at all.

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Ok airport

by evertkhorus (December, 2013)

Reason for Stay: No Money
Where: Landside and Airside
Pros: Safe
Cons: Loud and cold

I stayed for one night at the International Airport, before flying to Argentina. I first stayed before Check-in and I had to seat with a big and loud crowd on a hard-metal seat. There was wifi, but it was cold and uncomfortable. I then realized I was allowed to check-in really early and I found a cosy and confortable set of cusioned chairs where I could lie one in an empty departure lounge. I slept very well and almost missed my flight!

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Nice airport

by evertkhorus (October, 2013)

Reason for Stay: No Money
Where: Landside
Pros: Carpet, wifi, plus, quiet, nice staff
Cons: Everything is closed

I spent one night at this airport before flying to Colombia and turns out it was my best airport stay. I arrived around 10 pm and it was already quiet. I sat down at a desk, where I could plug in my computer and watch a few movies and use the wifi. I believe we were less than 5 people trying to sleep there. When it was time to go to bed, I basically just found a nice piece of carpet and settled there. It was close to the toilet and foutain and the fountain sound soothed me. A few annoucments, a bit cold, but it was pretty quiet and I slept well. Some friendly staff gave me a bottle of water in pity for me. I would sleep there again.

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thieves among luggage handlers

by Zbyszek (September, 2014)

Where: Airside
Pros: nice new airport
Cons: thieves robbing checked-in luggage

Baggage handling personnel in Warsaw Chopin Airport are thieves (at least some of them). My wife and I came through Warsaw on Sep. 6, from Newark and then Copenhagen on our way to Wroclaw. In Wroclaw my bag arrived, but my wifes not. We waited in line to report our luggage missing. Several people travelling from the US had their luggage missing as well. Next day I unpacked my bag and found that my new running shoes are missing. Also missing: a bottle of Tequila and a bottle of Rum (in these shoes) and new socks that these bottles were wrapped in. We went to report the loss at the Wroclaw airport. We were told that LOT may not honor our claim, because we should have checked our luggage last night before leaving the airport. Who does that? My wifes bag arrived finally from Warsaw. I guess it was late because the thieves couldnt go th continued >>

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