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Airport Lounge Pass FAQ

If you are new to airport lounge passes these frequently asked questions should provide you with the answers you are looking for.  The online lounge passes listed on the Sleeping in Airports site are offered through our travel partners. For specific questions regarding lounge passes, please read the FAQ on our partner sites.

Before we get to the questions, here are a few points for consideration if you are deciding whether to purchase a pass:

  1. Airport lounge passes can be used by ANY TRAVELLER regardless of airline or class of service.
  2. When you purchase a pass online, you will receive an email with a copy of your pass from our lounge partner. Changes and cancellations need to be made at least 24 hours prior to the booked arrival.  You can cancel your pass with full refund at any time up until 24 hours before your scheduled arrival. To cancel or change your lounge pass, email the address listed in your confirmation email referencing your booking #.
  3. Please read the LOCATION and CONDITIONS OF ENTRY on  on our partner’s lounge description page before proceeding. If you do not know which terminal you will be departing from, check your airline ticket or contact your airline. We encourage you to keep these important points in mind:
    • Book a lounge based on the terminal you are DEPARTING from. For example, If you are departing on a domestic flight, DO NOT book a lounge that is accessible to International flights only. Or if you arrive in Terminal 1 and will be departing from Terminal 2, you must book a lounge in Terminal 2.
    • If you are transferring from a Domestic to International Terminal (or vice versa), keep in mind that you may not be permitted to pass through security until 3 hours prior to departure. Check with your airline.
    • If you are in transit and do not have a Visa to enter the country, DO NOT book a Landside lounge. Landside lounges are located in the public area of the terminal.  If you are in transit, you would need to go through immigration to access the lounge.
I am flying on XXX Airline from XXX Airport. Which lounge should I use?
Please contact your airline to find out which terminal and/or concourse your flight departs from. Alternatively, you can check the airport’s web site to see where your flight typically departs from. Then, refer to our airport guide for that airport to see which lounges are accessible by paying at the door, purchasing a lounge pass or through a membership program.
What is included with a lounge pass? Are there any extra fees at the lounge?
Generally, lounge passes include light refreshments, beverages and the facilities outlined in the lounge description. In the booking module, read the “Additional lounge notes” as this is where you will find out if there are any extra charges at the lounge. To give you an idea of possible extra charges, some lounges may charge extra for alcoholic drinks, international calls, fax facilities, gym, private bedrooms, massages, beauty and hair services, internet, showers and business services. Fees are paid locally at the lounge.
Can I make a change to my booking?
Yes, if you would like to change the time of your arrival, send your request to the email indicated on your confirmation at least 24 hours in advance of your lounge arrival.
What happens if I need to cancel my booking?
You can cancel your pass with full refund at any time up until 24 hours before your scheduled arrival. Keep time zone differences in mind. Send your cancellation request to the email address on your lounge voucher and confirmation email.

No refund will be given for any cancellation notified to the third party lounge pass provider less than 24 hours before the flight departure. No refunds or credits will be provided for future bookings on any unused passes.

To ensure your cancellation is received on time, send your cancellation request to the email on your voucher.

Where can I get a copy of my lounge pass?
Some lounges require a printed copy of your lounge pass to enter the lounge. If you did not print your pass at the end of your booking process, a copy will be sent to the email you used during the booking. If you did not receive a copy by email, check your spam folder. There should be a message titled “Your Lounge Passes!”. If you did not print a copy and you did not receive an email, send an email to with the following information:

1) Booking # (if you have it)
2) Airport
3) Lounge Name
4) Date
5) Time
6) Name on Booking

My layover is 6 hours, but the lounge pass says that the maximum stay is 3 hours. Can I stay longer?
The maximum stay listed is the validity of the pass. Each pass has a time limit of 3 – 12 hours depending on the lounge and the pass purchased.  Should you wish to stay longer, you can always negotiate with the lounge staff directly to extend your stay. This will be subject to availability and the cost may be different. Unfortunately, we do not know the rates to extend lounge stays.
I am trying to purchase a lounge pass for XXX Airport, but it does not appear in the drop down list. Can you help?
If an airport or lounge does not appear on our booking module, it does not have lounge passes available through the system. Check our lounge guide to see if you can still access the lounge by paying at the door or through a membership program.
What form of payment is accepted to purchase a lounge pass?
Visa, Visa Delta, MasterCard or American Express can be used to purchase a lounge pass. All pages on which payment information is exchanged are hosted on a secure server, certificated by VeriSign.
I received a 'card declined' message when trying to buy a pass. I tried multiple cards and both cards have sufficient funds. Help!
Please contact your bank. Many times, a credit card company has declined the transaction due to it being an internet purchase in a foreign currency. You will need to authorize the purchase verbally to your credit card before they clear up the authorization and you can proceed with your purchase.
I didn't print my pass before closing the window. Can you send me a copy of the pass?
Passes are automatically sent to the email included in your reservation. Please wait a few minutes and it should arrive. If nothing appears, check your Spam folder for a message with the subject line “Your Lounge Passes!”. Still no passes? Send an email to Allow 24 – 48 hours for a response. The office is closed on Sundays. Include the following information in your message so that we can track the correct booking:

1) Booking # (if you happened to write it down)
2) Airport
3) Lounge Name
4) Date
5) Time
6) Name on Booking

Reminder: Be sure to check your spam folder for a message with the subject line “Your Lounge Passes!”

What happens if I arrive late for my lounge booking?
The lounges generally allow travellers access if you arrive slightly late and within the time you are booked. Should you arrive late and the lounge is busy, you may only be granted access until the end time you are booked. Otherwise, if they have availability, the time of entry can start from the time you get in the lounge.
How do I make a lounge booking and pay at the door?
It is not possible to make a lounge booking and pay at the door. In order to guarantee a seat, your pass needs to be prepaid. If the lounge offers door rates, you can simply show up at the door and if space is available, you can pay to enter.
I am flying on XXX Airline from XXX Airport. Which lounge should I book?
Please contact your airline to find out which terminal and/or concourse your flight departs from. Alternatively, you can check the airport’s web site to see where your flight typically departs from.
What is the door rate for XXX Lounge?
All the information we know about a lounge can be found on the site.  If the information is not already published on the site, unfortunately, we do not know. When we do receive this information from the lounge, we will publish it on the site immediately. All rates published on this site are subject to change without notice.
I have a XXX credit card, does this allow me free access to XXX Lounge at XXX Airport?
Please check with your credit card company. Benefits vary according to credit card program and country.
I will arrive at XXX Airport at midnight. Does the airport have a lounge that is open overnight?

For hours, lounge locations, facilities and lounge access information, visit our airport lounge guides. All the information that we know about the lounges is published on the site. We do not have secret information offline that we are withholding from readers.

I lost/forgot my wallet in your lounge. Did you find it?
Sleeping in Airports does not operate any of the lounges listed on the site. Items left in the lounges are not reported to us. Please contact the lounge directly.
Is it possible to access an airside lounge if my flight is not until the next day?
You can only access the airside, or secure area of the airport, once you have checked in for your flight and dropped off your bags. Check your airline to find out how early you can check-in and drop off your bags.
Can I book a sleep room at XXX Lounge?
Sleep room reservations are available at the lounge door when you arrive.
Can I make a reservation to use the shower at XXX Lounge?
Showers can not be pre-booked. Please inquire at the lounge door.
What does 'Smart Casual' attire mean?
“Smart casual” is described as “neat, conventional, yet relatively informal in style”. Travellers wearing dirty clothes, ripped clothing, sports attire (jerseys, baseball caps), and backpacker casual attire are not permitted. Stag and hen parties also also not permitted in some lounges.
What does 'Landside' and 'Airside' mean?
Landside refers to the area of the airport that is located in the public area of the terminal. Airside refers to the area of the airport that is located past security in the secure zone of the terminal. Travellers in transit will always be airside unless they pass through immigration. If a transit traveller wants to access a landside lounge, they would need to have a Visa (if required) and go through immigration.
What does 'Schengen' and 'non-Schengen' mean?
In many European airports, you will see reference to “Schengen” and “non-Schengen” areas in the terminals. The Schengen area is for flights with destinations to the 26 European countries that have eliminated passport and border control at their mutual borders. The non-Schengen area is the area for flights going to all other destinations. These countries are included in the Schengen zone: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.