Worst Airports in Africa 2015

Date: October 17, 2015

port harcourt airport by ur4ela on Instagram

Port Harcourt Airport - Photo courtesy of ur4ela on Instagram

One look at the interior of the worst airports in Africa was often enough to convince our voters to splurge on a nearby hotel. Top complaints generally revolved around corruption, crowds, chaos, confusion and a total lack of cleanliness – 5 C's an airport definitely does not want to be associated with. Amenities across the board are decidedly scarce if not entirely non-existent, and many airports' architecture verges on decrepit. In fact, some voters got particularly creative and colourful in their written descriptions, likening Kinshasa International airport to the Thunderdome from Mad Max – a post-apocalyptic steel jousting cage. Though likely a bit dramatic, you'll want to arrive in these terminals equipped with your own snacks, your own entertainment, lots of patience and definitely a sense of humour.

These are the Top 10 Worst Airports in Africa based on overall airport experience as determined by voters in our 2015 Airport Survey:

  1. Port Harcourt International Airport, Nigeria (PHC)
  2. Khartoum International Airport, Sudan (KRT)
  3. Kinshasa N'djili International Airport, Democratic Republic of the Congo (FIH)
  4. Juba International Airport, South Sudan (JUB)
  5. Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport, Djibouti (JIB)
  6. Mombasa Moi International Airport, Kenya (MBA)
  7. Abuja Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Nigeria (ABV)
  8. Luanda Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport, Angola (LAD)
  9. Douala International Airport, Cameroon (DLA)
  10. Lagos Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Nigeria (LOS)

Amidst the chaos, there are a few promising terminals on the continent! Continue on to read about the Best Airports in Africa.

Do you agree or disagree with these results? Tell us about your airport experiences by participating in our 2016 Airport Survey!

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