Sleeping in Airports

Minute Suites

Minute Suites

About Minutes Suites

In the United States, a handful of airports have begun to offer up Minute Suites to tired travellers. Though pricier than other hourly sleep options, these soundproof suites feature more amenities. Each unit has a daybed, a workspace, DirectTV and a power nap audio track. The Suites offered out of Charlotte and Dallas (Term D location only) also include access to a hot shower. Rates: US$ 42 (1 hour) and US$ 10.50 each additional 15 minutes until 2 hours • US$ 84 (2 hours) and US$ 8.00 each additional 15 minutes thereafter • US$ 155 (Overnight). US$ 30.00 shower-only rate (at participating locations).


  • Atlanta: Concourse B at Gate B16 and at Concourse T at Gate T8
  • Charlotte: Atrium (accessible from all Concourses)
  • Dallas Fort Worth: Terminal D at D23 and Terminal A at A38
  • Philadelphia: 13 suites at the A/B Link


Each sound-proof suite has a daybed sofa, pillows, blankets and a small workspace.

Facilities and Amenities

Each suite has internet access, HDTV with DirectTV and a flight tracking system. For guests who need help sleeping, there is also a guided power-nap audio track. In Dallas, guests can also access shower facilities.

Important Information

These rooms are located after security in all airports, meaning you need a valid boarding pass to access them. Reservations can be made in advance online or through the Mindbody App.