Sleeping in Airports

Transit Hotels

Transit HotelsWe’ve all been there: a long layover before us, no interest in eating airport food or shopping, seemingly little to do before that next flight, and an overwhelming desire to get a private room, shut the door to everyone, lie down for a nap, and freshen up with a shower. Meet the transit hotel.

Transit hotels are a specific type of hotel that cater to travellers who are at the airport and in between flights. Often located inside Security and intended for travellers in transit between international locales, transit hotels are different from traditional hotels. Guests can usually check in for just a few hours, day or night, instead of paying for a whole overnight stay. Rooms in transit hotels sometimes look like we expect: a bed, TV, desk, and WiFi, with a private ensuite bathroom. More affordable options are springing up too, taking inspiration from the Japanese capsule hotel. Either way, transit hotels offer the benefits of getting a nap and (usually) a shower in the middle of a long journey, all without having to exit Security and Immigration. Transit hotels are particularly popular in major international airports, like Dubai, Doha, and Singapore. Less common are transit hotels located in the public, pre-Security area of the terminal (though we are seeing more of this), so be sure to check the location before booking.