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Lounge Key

Lounge Key
Screenshot of the Lounge Key web site (April 2019)

Lounge Key is a worldwide network of airport lounges that offers a new twist on lounge entry. Instead of paying a one-time entrance fee, racking up thousands of frequent flyer miles to gain airline status, or pre-paying to join a lounge membership program, you can enter lounges in the Lounge Key network for free, as long as you have a credit card that has partnered with them. (In most cases, it seems to be specific bank-affiliated Mastercards.) Another bonus? The member credit card also gets you deals or discounts at select restaurants, shops, and spas in airports worldwide.

Importantly, each lounge has its own set of rules which always apply. For instance, lounges may limit visits to a 3 or 4 hours, or have rules around whether young children may enter.

Lounge Key Access

  • Enter for free. Look up any in-network lounges for your next layover and simply present your member credit card at the check-in desk for free lounge entry. (Guests and children are subject to entry fees per the lounge.)
  • Reserve your visit in advance. If you’re more the planning type, you can reserve your visit ahead of time on the Lounge Key website or app.
  • No upfront membership fees. Your member credit card typically covers the cost for your lounge entry, often as part of any annual credit card fee.

Lounge Key Benefits

Benefits vary widely depending on the lounge, but here are some common benefits:

  • Complimentary, secure WiFi
  • Complimentary drinks and refreshments
  • Comfortable seating in quiet areas
  • Power outlets
  • Showers (in some locations)
  • Fully-stocked bars (in some locations)
  • Meeting rooms or business facilities (in some locations)

Additional benefits beyond lounge access include:

  • No need to carry an extra card – your credit card is your Lounge Key member card
  • Annual complimentary guest passes (depending on your credit card)
  • Discounts or deals at airport restaurants, shops, and spas (Simply pay with your member credit card and the appropriate discount or credit will be automatically applied. In some instances, you may have a QR code from the app to show the vendor.)

Lounge Key Locations

The Lounge Key network includes more than 1,100 lounges in over 400 airports around the world. Use the Lounge Key app or website to look up nearby lounge locations and any deals at airport shops and restaurants.