Sleeping in Airports

Airport Lounge Access: Passes

Travellers who anticipate a need for a luxury lounge – but do not travel frequently – will find the best value through the advance purchase of a day pass. With a guaranteed seat in a lounge of your choosing, you will fly the first leg of your journey (or arrive at the airport) knowing that snacks, drinks and perhaps even a shower await you. These day passes are available at a number of airline lounges and independent lounges operating within terminals worldwide. Our airport guides will highlight lounge options that allow travellers to book a lounge pass through the airline or a third-party pass seller.

If you would like to guarantee a seat during you layover, you can book online. Through our partner sites, we offer a variety of airport lounges around the world. Passes can be booked for a minimum of 3 hours, with longer time package available at a few lounges.

Arguably, the greatest benefit to researching and purchasing a pass in advance – rather than paying at the door on arrival – is that you can weigh the value of the lounge against the price. Check to see whether you are signing up for a bare-boned experience or whether you should bring a swimsuit in anticipation of a sauna!

Check out our comprehensive list of companies and airlines that sell day passes and one-time visit passes: