Airports with Cots for Stranded Travellers

Sleeping in the airport is never a fun experience
when you are unprepared.

airports with cotsIf you have experienced a flight delay or cancellation due to bad weather and all you want to do is get to your holiday destination or home without spending more money on hotels, sleeping in the airport may be your only option. Fortunately, there are a few airports that provide stranded travellers with cots, pillows, blankets, toiletries and food coupons. It may not be the bed you would rather be in, but getting stuck in theses airports may not be as bad as you would have expected!

Before you go on a search for cots at the airport, remember that they only bring them out in the event of a storm and mass flight cancellations. The airports DO NOT bring the cots out every night just to accommodate cheap financially challenged travellers. I receive so many messages from people who want to know how they can "reserve" a cot and it is not possible!

Should you be looking for a cot in the airport right now, ask an airline or airport employee. To reach an airport employee, you may need to use the courtesy phone to track someone down.

If you have any information about where stranded travellers can find cots or if you have a photo to share, please email me and I will add the information below.

  • AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AMS) - Where can I find the cots? From a reader: Last December, when Europe had frequent problems with snow storms, the airport put up 1700 cots at both airside and land side of the terminal to help stranded passengers. Schiphol also provided food and drinks to everyone stranded overnight.
  • BOSTON LOGAN, USA (BOS) - Where can I find the cots? Thanks to Omar from Mexico for sending us this photo of the cots at Boston Logan. He found them in the AA claim baggage area in Terminal B. 

boston airport by Omar

miami airport cots

washington dulles airport - photo by kari on facebook

Last Updated: 08 December 2014