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Airline Passengers Use Duct Tape To Subdue Abusive Drunk

Is there anything you can’t do with duct tape? Resourceful passengers on an international flight used it to subdue an obnoxious drunk. Way to defuse a sticky situation!

The trouble all started when a drunk started hitting and attacking fellow passengers on an Icelandair flight from Reykjavik to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport. The other passengers weren’t going to take the abuse sitting down. That’s when they restrained the troublemaker using duct tape and zip ties.

After downing a bottle of duty-free alcohol, the man starting getting punchy and even tried to choke the person sitting next to him while screaming, “The plane is going to crash.” A video was taken on a cell phone and you can see passengers taping him up and strapping him in for the rest of the flight. The picture above was taken by another passenger on the flight and sent to a friend, when it went viral after it was posted it on a blog.

Icelandair released a statement that said that after the man was restrained, he was monitored for the remainder of the flight. After the plane touched down, the man was taken into custody. As of yet, he hasn’t been charged.

We’ve posted the video below. Have you ever been on a flight with an unruly or drunk passenger?  Or have you been the unruly passenger?  Please share your stories in the comments section below.

Article by Amy Tokic

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