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Airport Yoga Rooms
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Yoga Rooms: 9 airports where you can practice your downward dog

Last week, Jet Blue piloted a series of free yoga classes out of JFK’s Terminal 5, in an effort to keep passengers, happy, fit and comfortable. While this was just a one-week event featuring some of New York’s celebrated yogis and yoginis as teachers, it got us thinking about other terminals where yoga studios are a permanent installation. And so, without further ado, we present our most comprehensive list of yoga-infused airports worldwide.

San Francisco Airport Yoga Room
Photo courtesy of San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco Airport (SFO)

Between Terminals 1 and 2, and near Gate 69 in Terminal 3 (Hours: open 24 hours)

SFO kicked off the airport yoga trend back in 2012, when they opened their first free yoga room between Terminals 1 and 2, and then a second in Terminal 3. In both studios, you’ll find a dimly lit and noise-free room, equipped with yoga mats and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The only unfortunate part about this serene space is that both studios are located in the domestic departures area, meaning international travelers cannot have access.

Chicago O’Hare Airport (ORD)

Terminal 3 Mezzanine Level, Airside (Hours: 6am – 10pm)

Chicago O’Hare offers a free and peaceful yoga studio airside on the mezzanine level. This 15×16 foot space is complete with bamboo flooring, full body mirrors, frosted glass windows and yoga mats. An in-studio TV plays a combination of yoga practices and nature imagery, and there is a soothing audio recording to match. There is also a flight information monitor with up to date departure and arrivals information. While there is no designated change room within the studio, there are public bathrooms (and an urban garden) nearby.

Chicago Midway Airport (MDW)

Concourse C (Hours: 6am – 10pm)

In September, 2014, Chicago Midway joined the list of terminals offering yoga spaces. Like O’Hare, this free studio has bamboo flooring, full-length mirrors, a few plants, mats, a television displaying yoga postures and images of nature to a soothing soundtrack. There is no change room in the studio, but a bathroom is located nearby and the studio has a small space to store personal belongings. There is also a room for mothers next door.

Dallas-Fort Worth Yoga Room
Photo courtesy of Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW)

D40 between Terminals B and D airside (Hours: open 24 hours)

Sprinting between Terminals B and D to catch a flight at Dallas Fort Worth? Take a pause near D40 and slip into the terminal’s fully outfitted yoga studio. You’ll know you’re there when you pass the silhouettes of other yogis and yoginis practicing behind a series of folding screens. A strip of tiled floor is covered in yoga mats, and decorated with a series of yoga-inspired paintings and potted plants. Large windows provide a great view of the runway, and the studio otherwise connects with the airport’s walking path.

 Burlington Airport (BTV)

Second floor, airside (Hours: 4am – 10pm)

Two of Vermont’s local yoga studios – Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga, and Yoga in Burlington – co-designed this terminal’s tranquil tangerine and green studio. They included all the necessary mats, cushions and block at no cost to travelers – and the shower facilities in the family bathroom across the hall are an added bonus. This sanctuary is a particularly relaxing haven amidst snow storms and winter weather flight delays!

Sioux Falls Airport (FSD)

Near the business center (Hours: open 24 hours)

In 2015, a local fitness company opened a yoga studio in Sioux Falls Regional Airport near the terminal’s business centre. It is equipped with a handful of yoga mats, and charts that recommend postures for before and after your flight.

Helsinki Airport Yoga
Photo courtesy of Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport (HEL)

Kainuu Lounge (open 24 hours)

Back in 2014, Helsinki piloted guided yoga classes in their tranquil Kainuu multiuse lounge. Though this was only a short-term project, mats are available year round in this space. You can also find a Book Swap, ergonomic chairs, extra soft carpet and free Wi-Fi 24 hours a day.

London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

SkyTeam Lounge in Terminal 4, opposite Gate 10 (Hours: 5am – last flight)

In 2014, Heathrow piloted a pop-up studio that was so popular it became a permanent fixture. Unfortunately, this TV-lounge-turned-yoga-haven is one of the only ones that is not free to the public – all guests must buy a day pass to the SkyTeam lounge first. However, with this splurge you get access to an oxygen bar, a wine bar, a wellness center and complimentary food and drink, in addition to your yoga mat and video exercises.

Frankfurt Airport Yoga Room
Photo courtesy of Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

Near C14 in Terminal 1 after security and near D1 in Terminal 2 after passport control (Hours: open 24 hours)

Frankfurt International kicked off 2016 by opening two new yoga rooms in Terminals 1 and 2. Visitors are provided with all the equipment they need – mats, blocks, cushions, pads and floor-to-ceiling mirrors – free of charge, in a dimly lit room. Televisions and flyers guide travelers through yoga practices, while music, and a giant Buddha portrait enhance the calming atmosphere.

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